Where to Get Gleamite Chunks in New World

In this guide, we'll be showing you Where to Get Gleamite Chunks in New World to exchange for exciting Christmas rewards!

If you’re a New World fan, you’re in for a treat! In this guide, we’ll be showing you Where to find New World Gleamite Chunks, we’ll walk you through the newly introduced Winter Convergence Festival and how to find the Gleamite crystals, which is an essential part of the main task.

Where to Get Gleamite Chunks in New World

As soon as the winter holidays approached this year, New World decided to surprise its fans with the exciting new Winter Convergence Festival. What a great way to make Christmas merrier!

The Winter Convergence Festival will be available for the players from December 16th to January 11th. This timeline gives players enough time to decide if they want to take part in it or not. We highly recommend you to check it out and earn time-sensitive rewards!

The festival is packed with several new activities, weapons, items, rewards, and cosmetics. This takes your New World experience to a whole new level.

Apart from that, the game has also introduced a new winter currency for the players called ‘Winter Tokens.’ This currency grants players the advantage of buying unique items and rewards that are only exclusively available until the festival lasts.

This leads us to our main focus, the Gleamite! To horde as many Winter Tokens as possible, the player needs to find the special Gleamite Crystals fallen somewhere around the festival.

Gleamite Crystals Location in New World

As mentioned before, Gleamite is a newly introduced item in the New World that you can mine and use to acquire more Winter Tokens.

After players begin with the festival’s main questline, they’ll be asked by the Winter Wanderer in the village to mine for the Gleamite Crystals that had been fallen somewhere.

The Winter Wanderer will provide you with a map to help you out; however, we recommend you not depend on it as it’s more confusing than helpful. Instead, use the trails caused during Gleamite Meteor’s explosion.

After the sun sets on Aeternum, you’ll be able to spot the Gleamite meteors in the skies. They also act as a sign for the Gleamite Showers dynamic event.  Once the meteor explodes, it will create Gleam Showers which will then scatter Gleamite crystals in the different areas of Aeternum.

These showers will have different locations each time they occur, and there isn’t any pattern to identify. Just follow the trails where the meteor exploded and should be able to find the crystal easily. They are purple, tall, and glowing.

Exchanging Gleamite Crystals in New World

Once you spot a Gleamite Crystal, waste no time and mine it! Use that hard-earned crystal to exchange for new goodies introduced in the game.

For that, take it to the Winter Village located in the Holiday Hut and convert ten Gleamite for one Winter Token. Now use that to buy whatever you’ve been eyeing!

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