New Super Luigi U Secret Exits Locations Guide – Where To Find

New Super Luigi U
Secret exits (Red flags) have been the ribbon that ties together all side-scrolling Mario games and hence they’ve been included throughout every game, in New Super Luigi U, there are 12 of them hidden amongst the world, every area has at least one while some may contain more than that.

Unlocking these Secret exits is very beneficial as they lead you to a hidden level and on top of that they also show you the way towards shortcuts that span between the worlds and you will need to collect every Star Coin from these hidden levels to find the mysterious Star Road.

Something to note is that all Secret Exits in New Super Luigi U is placed in the same level as in New Super Mario Bros U as shortcuts between the worlds are identical.

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New Super Luigi U Secret Exits Locations

Acorn Plains Secret Exit (World #1)
Location: Acorn Plains 2 Crooked Cavern
Unlock: Acorn Plains A cheemp Chomp Chase

When you reach the platform carrying the 3rd Star Coin you are to ground pound the area with the sign to break your way into a hidden area, after this simply follow the signs through the pipe to the Secret Exit.


Layer-Cake Desert Secret Exit (World #2)
Location: Layer-Cake Desert 4 The Walls Have Eyes
Unlock: Layer-Cake Desert A Slippery Rope Ladders

Right after you reach the area consisting of the three statues and the vine leading to the Star Coin, there will be a platform that you will need to Ground pound to reveal the hidden pipe which will shoot you towards the Secret Exit

Sparkling Waters Secret Exit (World #3)
Location: Sparkling Waters Ghost House Haunted Cargo Hold
Unlock: Sparkling Waters A Beanstalk Jungle

Right before you head up the pipe towards the exit, simply take a look below the arrow sign and you will see that near the bottom of the level there’s an extremely small, well hidden alcove which will lead you to the secret exit, it’s also good to note that you’ll be need to swim fast.

Frosted Glacier Secret Exit (World #4)
Location: Frosted Glacier Ghost House Peek-a-Boo Ghost House
Unlock: Frosted Glacier A Fliprus Floes

After you encounter the first ring of Boos, you will need to get to the second Star Coin by jumping up. After this jump towards the left over the level and simply run across the top which will lead you to a hidden area which has a door to find the secret exit and also the first Star Coin.

Soda Jungle Secret Exits (World #5)
Location #1: Soda Jungle 2 Dancing Blocks, Poison Swamp
Unlock: Soda Jungle 6 Sumo Bro Bridge

When you get the first Star Coin, you will notice in the moving platforms that one of them has a block at the very bottom, you will need to Ground pound this as soon as possible because it will go into the goo after a short duration.

After the Ground pound, a switch will drop on the nearby platform, hitting it will cause a row of blocks to form below you and above the goo, simply follow it towards a hidden pipe which will lead you to the Secret Exit.

Location #2: Soda Jungle Ghost House Boo’s Favorite Haunt
Unlock: Soda Jungle A Para-Beetle Parade
Note: You will be able to obtain the last Star Coin after finding this Secret Exit

You are to run jump and glide using the Acorn Mushroom the entire way past the door to the exit until you hit a door to the far right, simply enter it and find and you’ll find the Secret Exit

Location #3: Soda Jungle 4 Painted Pipeworks
Unlock: Soda Jungle 7 Wiggler Floodlands

Before you jump towards the goal post, look around and you’ll find a red pipe coming from up top. There will be a swaying blue pipe which you will be using for a boost to the red pipe which will then lead you to the Secret Exit.

Location #4: Soda Jungle 5 Deepsea Stone-eyes
Unlock: Soda Jungle 7 Wiggler Floodlands

At the very start of the level, instead of entering the pipe, go investigate the statue on the far right which will move after a small amount of time, granting you access into the hidden area leading towards the Secret Exit

Rock Candy Mines Secret Exit (World #6)
Location #1: Rock Candy Mines 5 Rising Pirhanas
Unlock: Rock Candy Mines 5 Rising Pirhana (Loop)

As you approach the end of the level, you will need to check around for a platform which consists a giant Piranha Plant that rises into the air.

You’ll find a “?” block around the area which contains an Acorn Mushroom, you’ll be using this to jump above the platform which has the Piranha plant and then boost up towards the left to a secret area leading to the Secret Exit.

Location #2: Rock Candy Mines Tower Smashing-Stone Tower
Unlock: Rock Candy Mines 6 Spine Coaster Stowaways

When you’re climbing up the tower, you’ll eventually end up facing two giant Grrrols, these will be very annoying as they destroy blocks which will fall down onto you.

Climb the remaining blocks to find a pipe on the top left which leads to to a secret area, when you find the Star Coin you’ll need to ground pound the area below it to find a pipe which will blast you to a new area leading towards the Secret Exit.

Meringue Clouds Secret Exits (World #7)
Location: Meringue Clouds Ghost House Vanishing Ghost House
Unlock: Meringue Clouds Castle Ludwig’s Block-Press Castle

When you drop down the large square platform, you’ll heave to jump to the left instead of going towards the door to the right and you’ll find a small platform which has a door leading to the Secret Exit.

Peach’s Castle Secret Exits (World #8)
Location: Peach’s Castle 1 Magma Moat
Unlock: Peach’s Castle 4 Firefall Rising

As you come to the are which has a single row of blocks on the top, you’ll have to wait out a bit so the fireballs can clear some of them out, after this utilize the blocks below to jump up on top and move to the right to find a hidden pipe leading you to the Secret Exit.

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