Developer Wants To Make New Star Fox Games For Nintendo Switch and 3DS

Dylan Cuthbert of Q-Games has said that he would like to make new Star Fox games for the Nintendo Switch and 3DS, though he couldn't give any information.

Dylan Cuthbert, the founder of Q-Games and developer of the cancelled Star Fox 2, has said that he is considering new Star Fox games coming to the Nintendo Switch or the 3DS.

The information came from an “Ask Me Anything” post on Reddit that Cuthbert hosted himself, where he discussed the series.

Star Fox has had a spotty history over the past few years. With games like Star Fox Adventures and Star Fox Zero getting either bad or simple middling reception, even with Assault and Command, the classic series might need a new coat of paint that Cuthbert may be able to provide.

Star Fox Zero, while hotly anticipated, got criticism on its release due to the spotty Wii U controls (along with players being forced to use both instead of only using one screen), not to mention that it was a nearly straight-up remake of the original Star Fox 64.

If new Star Fox games come out, they would have to make improvements over Zero and the games before it.

Other games before Zero, Star Fox Assault and Star Fox Command, got mixed or positive reception, which was definitely an improvement over Star Fox Adventures.

However, Star Fox Command would be the last Star Fox game that came out for almost a decade, and with Zero’s mixed reception, Nintendo may be dissuaded from trying another game for just as long of a time.

Though Cuthbert has said that the studio isn’t currently making anything for the Switch, he did say that the idea was a fairly cool-sounding one, and would be fun to develop if Nintendo was thinking about making a Star Fox game. He didn’t say anything about Q-Games working on a new Star Fox game either, unfortunately.

While Cuthbert didn’t really give out new information on the possibility of new Star Fox games, hopefully Nintendo will try out a new game sometime soon.

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