New Quantum Break Gameplay Footage Shown at the Brazil Game Show

New footage shown at the Brazil Game Show shows some impressive gameplay from Quantum Break showing off some of the main characters time bending abilities.

While previous footage of Quantum Break hasn’t really been that impressive, some new gameplay shown at the Brazil Game Show may have just changed that. In a battle taking place at a ship yard, some of the time bending abilities look truly impressive.

Xbox One has some interesting exclusives, but Quantum Break is one of those that hasn’t really made an impact, especially with the delays it has seen. In this new video though featuring a huge ship about to destroy the whole area, it threatens to take the main character played by Shawn Ashmore with it.

Starting at 43:07 on the video the most impressive part of the action is how the ship is held in time, sometimes even pushed back so that he can make his way through the environment. Entering combat with the ship still hovering in time, the manipulation of the environment and the physics at work are very impressive.

Looking at the combat, this still does look to need some work, but with the game coming in 2016 there will still be time for that. For people who like a story driven game though there looks to be plenty of that, with your actions playing a big part in the outcome.

While the video does show some of the actors who will be in the digital show as well, this side of Quantum Break wasn’t really touched upon and it is questionable as to how this will affect the game itself. Hopefully when it comes to the game the show can take more of a backseat role in the action and not hold it back.

Are you impressed with the new footage on show? Let us know your thoughts below.

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