New Overwatch Characters Sombra and Athena Hinted at By Blizzard

Sombra and Athena, the two supposed new Overwatch characters might actually become reality; Blizzard has dropped serious hints.

The booming community of Overwatch has millions of fans continuously discussing and debating various possibilities regarding other characters the game might get in the future. Among some speculations about new Overwatch characters, two names have popped up a lot i.e. Athena and Sombra.

While Blizzard Entertainment would not say if both of them are actually going to become characters in the game, game designer Michael Chu decided to drop some hints suggesting there could be some legitimacy to the rumors.

Chu was recently interviewed where he answered questions about not one but both of the supposed new Overwatch characters.

Talking of Athena becoming a playable character in the game, he said they had always wanted the announcer to be a character, and followed it with a purposefully intricate answer:

It’s interesting because we always – from the beginning we had this idea that we wanted the announcer to be a character, and not just the random voice of god. We really wanted her to be a character, and so the first way that we were able to evidence that was in the Recall short – and yeah, that’s where she is… right now.

That “right now” in the end suggests there is hope for the Athena fans. He was even more cryptic about Sombra, the most heavily rumored of all new Overwatch characters people want to see.

I’ve heard of some… thing, or some person or some code,” he chuckled. “But no, no I don’t have anything to tell you.

So what does that tell you? Did he just confirm Sombra? I am pretty sure he did. For everything on the available Overwatch Heroes, read our Hero Counters and Match-Ups Guide.

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