New Mafia 3 Images Feature Plenty of Action and Location Shots

After the reveal of the Mafia 3 trailer, 2K have revealed some new images giving a taste of the new location for the game and a taste of the games violence.

Today as promised 2K revealed the trailer for Mafia 3 and we learnt about the character that will be a part of the game. We now have some images that show just what the game will look like.

What we see in the images are the setting of Mafia 3, New Orleans in 1968 as well as some of the action that takes place. The story now focuses on Lincoln Clay, a character who 2K describe as a “disenfranchised Vietnam veteran” looking for a place to belong, and a family. When he achieves this in the black mob, which is soon taken from him by the Italians who betray and slaughter his new family. Leading him to wage a bloody war of vengeance against them.

These images released today not only show him getting this vengeance but also the racial tensions of the time. Hopefully with the issues the game is raising they will be handled in a suitable manner. It is already becoming heavily scrutinised by some sections of the gaming community because of the sensitivity of these issues. I’m sure 2K fully understand that they have to get this subject right for many reasons and treat the subject correctly.

While these images do look impressive we won’t see the game until 2016. We’ll have to see just how good it looks then, and if the game can live up to the competition that already dominate the gaming world. With an open world style such as this there are going to be obvious comparisons to games like Grand Theft Auto 5, even if there is no real comparison to make.

Are you looking forward to Mafia 3? Let us know your thoughts on the new images below.

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