New League of Legends Client to Support Riot’s Other Games As Well

Looks like Riot Games is finally gearing up to add the “s” in the Games that comes in the development studios’ name. The developers are updating to a new League of Legends client and they are also teasing that this build is being developed to support their other games in the future.

We have already had Ryan Scott, who boisterously tells the Twitter world that he is the “Lead Designer for a Riot Games R&D project,” let us know about the new project of the studio that could be a big standalone title, and now this.

The current Lead Designer for LoL, Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street, was recently talking about the new League of Legends client that Riot Games is building and during his conversation he also hinted at what the future could hold for Riot fans:

The League client was definitely built with League of Legends in mind, that’s our game and that’s what we’re trying to showcase here. In the future, we also view it as being the Riot-level platform. When we do have multiple games, players will experience them all through this similar platform. Even if your friends are in other games, you’ll still be able to have things like chat channels and clubs go across all the games.

While that is all we have for you regarding the new League of Legends client as well as the new project that Riot Games is currently working on, we are all but sure that more information will seep through very soon.

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