New Intel Optane SSDs to Deliver Faster Performance With Minimum Latency

E8 Storage announced its E8-X24 centralized NVMe product. It utilizes dual port Intel Optane SSDs for delivering high-performance storage with lowest possible latencies among data drives. This technology is very useful for enterprises that require 50-100TB large scale data constantly being read or write.

E8 Storage provides state of the art flash storage in a rack-scaled architecture for an enterprise. The scalability of the product is one of the very useful innovations in the industry. This eliminates storage need projections and because it’s expandable, SSD utilization goes over 90% without fearing a shortage of space.

E8 Storage is the first vendor in the market to provide with an enterprise class solution for centralized storage array using dual-ported Intel Optane drives. With this product, the data centers will be able to utilize supreme performance with scalability. The data process ability reaches up to 10M IOPS in a 2U form factor.

The E8-X24 is a very high-performance enterprise-grade solution for centralized databases. NVMe is a powerful and unique offering to access and move data in shorter times, very useful for capital markets high volume trading. The data in stock markets, for instance, is constantly being written and updated since a large number of traders are making investment decisions to buy, sell a stock, bond etc. Expansion or dilution of a portfolio.

Unlike in-memory solutions it allows the firms to grow storage capacity easily as well as share volumes of data between many nodes. One of the strongest features of E8 Storage architecture is the introduction of SSD technology to provide high speeds with high availability.

The rack-scale flash arrays are best suited for critical decisions situations such as data projections, forecasting movements, analyzing large scale data all together to generate patterns or trends for ideal investment decisions, risk management etc. & all of this in Real-Time.

E8 storage delivers 10 times the performance at half the cost, as claimed by the company for its storage products, they are easily expandable, upgradeable and increase SSD utilization to over 90%.

What are you thoughts on the new Intel Optane SSDs?

Contributor at SegmentNext.