New Harry Potter Game to be Called Harry Potter Magic Awakened?

It has been confirmed that the leaked footage of new Harry Potter Game was real and is in development. It's rumored to be called Magic Awakened.

Yesterday was a big day for Harry Potter fans as a leaked video of an unannounced game was released online. It came as a total surprise and shocked everyone. It has now been confirmed that the leaked video full of magic was actually real and it’s a game in development but not by RockSteady.

In response to all the news, a famous Harry Potter fan called Lizo Mzimba shared some interesting information about the upcoming game in works including its title. Lizo Mzimba mentioned on Twitter that this unannounced Harry Potter game will be most likely called Harry Potter Magic Awakened or Magic Forever. It’s still a thing to be decided but we are closer than ever to an amazing Harry Potter game.

She also mentioned that other Harry Potter games are also on their way which makes us believe that the time for Harry Potter games has finally. Now another interesting thing to know is that this game is not in development by RockSteady.

Since we saw the trailer, everyone guessed that RockSteady was behind this project but Eurogamer has now confirmed that they are not behind this project. Now after RockSteady, our only guess is that it can be Avalanche studios who was bought by Warner Bros. Interactive back in 2016.

Avalanche has been seen hiring people for some time for jobs with descriptions like “large-scale console game project and “AAA” games. This all makes us guess that they might be the one behind but let’s hope Warner Bros does it all right.

It’s been such a long time since we got any good Harry Potter RPG game and by just looking at the leaked footage, we believe that we will finally get one in the near future.

Now if you missed the original story yesterday. The leak also provided us with a detailed description of the game which has us so excited about it.

The description says that the Harry Potter game is going to be set in the 19th century and is a 3rd person open world action RPG. As for the gameplay, we saw many interesting things from crafting potions, casting spells and fights against some wizards.

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