New FIFA 17 Trailer Shows How To Utilize Space

A new FIFA 17 trailer has shown that the new game will allow you to utilize the space around you to alter the way you kick the ball.

EA Sports has released a new FIFA 17 trailer that shows you how to make the most of the available space on the pitch to work the ball down the field and into the enemy goal. The trailer comes only a week after a trailer that showed attacking moves was released.

The new FIFA 17 trailer shows how the new space system will control how and where you kick the ball depending on your position and how hard you kick. The trailer also shows off FIFA player Marco Reus, now part of the Borussia-Dortmund, a German football club based in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Like the attacking trailer released last week, the trailer shows off everything that you can do to make your way down the field and be able to score goals by altering the way your ball goals. These can help catch the goalie off guard and allow you to score a goal by kicking lower or higher than expected, or off to a certain direction.

All of this is part of the game’s “Active Intelligence System”, which allowed the game to have this new positioning system, one of the many new mechanics that FIFA 17 will be picking up when the game releases later this year.

In addition to this, the game will be running on the Frostbite Engine (the second EA Sports game to do so), as well as having something relatively new for a sports game; a story mode. Entitled The Journey, players will step into the role of English football hopeful Alex Hunter as he tries to play his way to the top of the Barclay Premiere League.

If you want to check out the new FIFA 17 trailer for yourself, all you have to do is follow this link to see the trailer and its new mechanics for yourself.

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