New Code Vein Trailer Shows Off Cutscenes, Enemies, And New Characters

A new Code Vein trailer has been released at the Golden Joystick awards, showing off cutscenes, new enemies, and new human characters.

A new Code Vein trailer was released at the Golden Joystick awards a few minutes ago, and we’ve gotten to see a good bit of what we can expect from the game. Ranging from a variety of enemies to other characters in the story, Code Vein looks like it will be quite the experience.

The trailer shows off a variety of different enemies, ranging from the armored behemoths that we’ve seen in previous gameplay (such as the Queen’s Knight and others) to shambling monsters that look like they’re draped in cloaks of skin, only their eyes glaring out from beneath their hood. However, we also see what have to be a number of bosses, ranging from human enemies to even more armored enemies.

The new Code Vein trailer also shows off some of the different areas we’ll be going to. Instead of being stuck in a devastated city with spikes sticking out of the ground, players will also apparently be going to some snowy area, though whether that’s in the same city or not remains to be seen.

Of course, even in a story where humanity is on the verge of extinction, man is his own worst enemy. Apparently throughout the game we’ll be running into various other human antagonists with as-of-yet unrevealed motivations. Players will apparently be fighting with them on multiple occasions, though what their plans are remain to be seen.

Either way, the game looks even more like Anime Dark Souls now, with huge bosses, frightening enemies, and devastated landscapes. Hopefully it’ll be able to escape this stereotype when it actually releases. We still have no confirmed release date for the game, only that it will be coming out sometime in 2018.

If you want to see the new Code Vein trailer for yourself you can look further up this article, or look at one of the many examples of gameplay.

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