Netflix’s Dragon Age Series Rumored To Be In The Works

Netflix might possibly be adapting the critically acclaimed Dragon Age franchise for a brand new television series.

According to a report by Giant Freakin Robot earlier today, “a trusted and proven source” has confirmed Netflix to have already started work on an episodic Dragon Age television series which will be based on Dragon Age: Origins, the first installment in the franchise.

The same source previously claimed to know about an live-action Pokémon series which Netflix just officially announced. Hence, while still a rumor for the time being, fans can keep their fingers crossed for Dragon Age to hit their favorite streaming platform in the near future.

This has the chance to be a massive world-building affair.

There are few details around what a Netflix Dragon Age series would look like, but based on the original game, there are a number of ways for this to go with significant latitude around character development especially.

There are no other details to go with except that Netflix will be using the opportunity to explore character development for some of the main leads as Dragon Age is a role-playing franchise and as such, it comes down to the players to decide what kind of a character or relations they develop through their decisions.

It also remains to be known if Netflix will be looking into an animated or live-action adaptation. The streaming platform has shown an interest in both avenues. Castlevania for example received an animated take, but The Witcher was a live-action adaption. Resident Evil reportedly has both formats in the works. Assassin’s Creed, as another example, will be a live-action series when it comes out.

Fans though will probably want an animated Dragon Age television series.

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