Gamer Creates “Nintoaster”, A Working NES Console Inside A Toaster

Nintendo fans were quite happy with the Nintendo releasing the NES Classic, however, the happiness was short lived and Nintendo discontinued the console due to supply issues. While many are still trying to get their hands on one but one fan went the other way and used his toaster and old NES to create the “Nintoaster”.

Reddit user, MrBananaHump, is the one who created the unconventional “Nintoaster” using a toaster and an old NES. According to MrBananaHump himself, he was inspired by YouTuber, Vomitsaw, who accomplished the same task almost seven years ago.

The Nintoaster has slots for the standard A/V outputs and a cartridge space that sits in a baking tray like a piece of toast. The second tray is the host for power and resets buttons. This creative machine also has a red LED inside it that gives the look that it is toasting while the user enjoys its games.

However, the Redditor has no plans to stop here and has revealed that for his next project, his friend has already given him a SNES and a chrome toaster.

Speaking of SNES, soon after the announcement of NES discontinuing a rumor has been making rounds on the internet which suggests that Nintendo is bringing back the SNES Classic Mini and not just in North America but also in Europe and it will launch by the end of this year.

Also, NES Classic Mini is not the only thing Nintendo discontinued as the company has also halted the production of Nintendo Famicom In Japan, which came as a surprise to many given it was selling really well.

Source: Reddit

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