Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Errors, Crashes, Freezes and Fixes

If you are experiencing any issue while playing Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, you can refer to the troubleshooting guide below to find a workaround till a patch is out. We will try to assist you in resolving these issues.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Troubleshooting Tips

1# Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit No Sound During Racing ?
Update your sound card drivers and it will be fine again. Or you can give these a try.

Solution #1
1. Start Game.
2. [ALT] + [TAB] 3. Go to your system try by your clock and locate the icon that looks like a speaker.
4. Now, either right click on speaker and and chose “open volume mixer” or left click on it and click “mixer” underneath the volume slider.
5. You should now see Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit volume control, drag it up to the top.

Solution #2
Go to Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Sound > Click on Communications Tab and select “Do Nothing” radio button and it will fix this issue, its a permanent fix.

Solution #3
If on the launch game mutes your sound, you can un-check the mute and the sound will come back.

Solution #4
You can also force the game to run in compatibility mode to fix this issue. Find the .exe in the steam folder, and run it in compatibility mode for XP. This will force direct X 9 and the sound will work.

Solution #5
If the game is recognizing your audio device wrong like you have headphone connected and it is showing speakers. Also, you are unable to change the settings, then try this. Install the DirectX that comes with the game. Update your .Net Framework and re-install c++ runtime libraries.

Solution #6
Right-click on the speaker, select playback devices, highlight sound device you use, click Properties, and then Advanced Tab and select 16bit, 48000hz(DVD quality).

2# Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Server Connection Issues
If you have played the demo of the game on Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, it would be better to delete the demo profiles before you continue online multiplayer on your consoles. As it may be profile conflict issue.

3#Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Steering Wheel Problem on Playstation 3

4# Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Manual Shifting Bugged ?

5# Logitech Steering Wheel Support
“Logitech and Logitech-compatible steering wheels will not be detected at all on PS3, some others that are based on the PS3 standard controller will work but you’ll have to test them to make 100% sure. We will be considering official support for Logitech’s Driving Force GT, G25 and G27 wheels at a later date. Other Logitech Driving Force wheels and other wheels that are Logitech “Class B”-compatible should be configurable to work with the game, but are not officially supported.”

It simply means they are not officially supported but you can try your luck.

6# Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Controller Deadzones ?

7# Type, In-Game Chat in NFS: Hot Pursuit
It’s a challenge, but here’s what you do. Says ‘Moges 79’
1. Start a Race.
2. Turn on your Headset.

and use the voice chat…

8# Playstation 3 to PC Autolog
First You should have two personas, one for PS3 and one for PC. On the Autolog page, click the Change Account link at the top right, then select to Change Account. On the next screen, select your PC account. Then you should see all your stats from the PC version also.

9# Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Draw Distance Bugged Graphics
It seems like some people are experiencing bad graphics on distant objects, road, buildings, etc. Try updating your graphic card drivers, and if that doesn’t resolve it, wait for the patch. Seems like EA Support ain’t that helpful.

10# Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Press Start Screen Bug, Error, Issue
If you are on console, try running the game directly with the disc. If you are on PC, make sure your installation is not corrupt, and try running the game windowed it may help.

11# Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit How to Change the Language
In Windows Registry – Start “regedit”, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE – SOFTWARE – Wow6432Node – Electronic Arts – Need for Speed(TM) Hot Pursuit and edit “Locale” to en/es/ru.

If you are on 32bit Windows Electronic Arts folder will be under SOFTWARE.

12# Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit PC Performance Issues Fixes
1# Game stutters and crashes a lot – Make sure you have enough free hard drive space where Hot Pursuit is installed, because it can be due to the game’s data caching ? just a theory. Keep your video card drivers and directX updated at all times. If you are on ATI, give ATI Hotfix a try.

2# No Anti-Aliasing. Though the game doesn’t provide any option for anti aliasing, you can force it through nVidia/ATI control panel, pretty easy.

3# If you cannot connect to autolog, run command prompt as Administrator and run this netsh int tcp set global ecncapability=disabled.

Can’t Login to Autolog ? NFS: Hot Pursuit
Wait, be patient as the site is still not ready yet.

13# Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit – Crash to Desktop – Launch Problems
There is a bug in the game that causes Quad Cores and above crash to desktop shortly after launch.
How to Fix it?

1. Start the game.
2. Alt-Tab Out
3. Open Task Manager
4. Right-click on NFS11.exe
5. Set Affinity.
6. Select core 0 and 1 only. You need to run the game on two CPU’s basically, so to avoid the crash to desktop.

14# Crash on Car Selection Screen
Run the game in compatibility mode – XP SP3 – or as administrator. Update your video card drivers. Make sure your system is not jumping to 100% resource usage. There can be anything, no permanent solution yet.

15# Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit No Sound – Mute
1. Start Game.
2. [ALT] + [TAB] 3. Go to your system tray by your clock and locate the icon that looks like a speaker.
4. Now, either right-click on speaker and chose “open volume mixer” or left click on it and click “mixer” underneath the volume slider.
5. You should now see Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit volume control, drag it up to the top.

16# Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Flickering On Screen – Bug
Make sure your drivers are updated, if they are, wait till new drivers are released and it should fix the problem.

17# Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Crashes at Start
If you have forced anti-aliasing via the control panel, the game may end up crashing at start. If it does, set all settings to application controlled to fix the issue.

18# Game Crashes at Start – CL Eye Driver Issue
“We’ve seen a problem with users with the CL Eye driver and NFS Hot Pursuit where the game will not start. You will need to remove this driver to get the game running again. ” via Criterion Games.

From Comment by Joy. “It just so happens I’m using the eye camera. I’ll try uninstalling the drivers and let you know if I have any luck…Yes, it Works”. Thanks for the Tip.

If you face any other problem, you can write in comments and we will try to help you out. Or you can submit game bugs experienced by you to Criterion Games Bugzilla Database. So that they can fix it later with a patch.

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