Need For Speed EA Access Trial Set To Begin 29 October

EA has confirmed that Need for Speed EA Access trial is set to being on Oct. 29, 2015.

One thing that EA Access members really enjoy on Xbox One is the free trial it offers prior to the release of every major EA game.

Continuing the tradition, the EA Access trial for the upcoming Need For Speed by Ghost Games will begin on 29th October.

As with every other recent EA Access game, the trial provides subscribers around 10 hours of gameplay (actual gameplay and not 10 hours from the time when they first activate the game) so it’s highly likely that Need For Speed will follow the same pattern.

The trial also sometimes arrive a day early so be sure to check out the EA Access Hub on October 28th to see if it’s available or not.

One amazing benefit of EA Access is that the trial games are essentially the final release build since they are available only days before the official launch. This way player can test out the final game quality and decide whether it’s up to their standard or not without having to pre order the game only to be disappointed at the final quality.

Need for Speed is scheduled to release on November 3rd for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One while the PC version has been delayed until Spring 2016.

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