NBA 2K24 Mamba Moments Challenge Guide

There are a total of seven historical (and iconic) Mamba Moments for you to recreate and relive in NBA 2K24 in honor of Kobe Bryant

Mamba Moments recreates some of the most outstanding moments of Kobe Bryant’s 20-season career in NBA 2K24. These moments have generally remained unknown to many NBA enthusiasts. The game will allow you to revisit Kobe’s early career feats and gradually take you to the stage where he became one of the greatest athletes ever.

There are seven moments included in NBA 2K24’s Mamba Challenges. To unlock Mamba Moments Challenges in NBA 2K24, all you have to do is finish the game in MyCareer mode, and after that, you can start the challenge by going to the main menu. Some of these challenges are easy to complete, but others require some effort on your end. This guide will explore how you can complete all seven Mamba Moments Challenges in NBA 2K24.

1. May 13, 2001 – “King of Sac”

NBA 2K24 Mamba Moments

Kobe was up against the Sacramento Kings in the 2001 Western Conference Semi-finals, where he smashed the opponent’s defenses and won the game.

How to complete: To complete this challenge, you must win the game while scoring a whopping 48 points and grabbing 16 Rebounds.

2. January 7, 2003 – “Hail of Threes”

While playing against the Settled SuperSonics, Kobe did one of the greatest feats in the game by hitting a hat trick of three-pointers. That was in addition to registering the second-most points in NBA history.

How to complete: You must win the game by at least 20 points to complete this challenge. You will also need to score at least 12 three-pointers.

3. March 28, 2003 – “Torch Passed”

NBA 2K24 Mamba Moments

The 2003 mentee-mentor duel, when Kobe faced his idol, Michael Jordan, and won the game, was a sight worth seeing for fans.

How to complete: To complete this challenge, you will have to score a total of 55 points, 19 of which should be hit in the first quarter. You will also need to get 3 steals from Micael Jordon and keep him under 20 points.

4. December 20, 2005 – “62 in 3”

On this day, the Dallas Mavericks saw a fearless Kobe doing 62 points in just 32 minutes. That too, only in three quarters.

How to complete: This challenge can be completed by attempting 10 free throws and scoring 62 points in the first three quarters to win the game.

5. March 16, 2007 – “Scoring Machine”

NBA 2K24 Mamba Moments

Kobe interrupted the seven-game losing streak of the Portland Trail Blazers against his team by gifting them a whopping 65-point score. Like Bryant, you will defend your team and win the game against all odds.

How to complete: Your objective for this Mamba Moments challenge will be to win by scoring 65 points (half of which should be from the field) in NBA 2K24. In addition, you need to keep Brandon Roy in check by doing 3 steals and forcing him to score under 15 points.

6. May 29, 2008 – “A New Era”

The Lakers and San Antonio Spurs had been great rivals in the decade from 1999 to 2010. Kobe broke all the Spurs’ hopes of winning a championship by scoring 39 points against them. Even a triple-double from Tim Duncan couldn’t stop Kobe from sending the opponents back to their home.

How to complete: To complete this challenge, you will need to score 39 points to win the game, make 3 assists, and make sure that you shoot from the field half of the time.

7. June 17, 2010 – “Will to Win”

NBA 2K24 Mamba Moments

The 2009-10 season marked the Lakers’ 16th and last title before their 17th championship in 2020. With Kobe at their Front and Center, the Lakers smashed the Boston Celtics’ defenses and won the game in a flashy way.

How to complete: Winning the game and grabbing 10 Rebounds as Kobe will complete this final Mamba Moments Challenge for you in NBA 2K24. You also need to keep Ray Allen under 15 points.

NBA 2K24 Mamba Moments rewards

Completing an objective in a Mamba Moment earns you a Star. So, with each subsequent moment, you will gain three stars in your journey.

This way, you will have accumulated 21 stars until the end of your challenge. You can then use the stars to receive various in-game rewards from the rewards menu in MyTeam and MyCareer Modes.

On top of that, finishing all seven challenges earns you a unique Badge and a Kobe Bryant Jersey.

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