How To Change Body Type In NBA 2K24

While it may seem you are stuck with just one physique in NBA 2K24, you can actually unlock and change between different body types.

Every time you create a character in NBA 2K24 for MyCareer, by default you always get that one lean, thin, lanky body type. You can make variations to your appearance including facial features, height, and weight while creating your character, but for some reason, the game doesn’t allow you to choose your character’s body type from the get-go. Luckily, we have figured out how you can unlock new body types and change your body type in NBA 2K24.

How to unlock and change NBA 2K24 body types

NBA 2K24 has a lot of customization options for players when they are creating a new character in MyCareer for NBA 2K24. From how your character looks, what their skills are, and what imperfections, or perfections, they have, all can be edited freely in character creation.

If you want to change your body type in NBA 2K24 MyCareer, you need to start your career and hit the gym as often as you can. Explore the city in MyCareer and you can find Gatorade Gym there.

Working out in Gatorade Gym and completing the various exercises in the gym will increase your effectiveness with those exercises. Performing each exercise will progress your character and unlock new stars and rewards.

These reward stars will unlock and allow you to use different body types in NBA 2K24. There are three body types you can pick in total. The first is the default body type players get when they create their character.

For 50 stars earned at Gatorade Gym, you will unlock the second body type, and the third body type will be unlocked for 100 stars earned at Gatorade Gym.

Once you have another body type unlocked, you can freely choose between them from the Appearance Menu as you please and can change in between them anytime you want. After the body types are unlocked, you are no longer stuck with a single body type.

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