NBA 2K23 MyTeam Exhibition Tips

This year we saw the release of a new feature called the MyTeam Exhibition in NBA 2K23Exhibitions are a new...

This year we saw the release of a new feature called the MyTeam Exhibition in NBA 2K23Exhibitions are a new addition to NBA 2K23 where you can send your players to various matches and tournaments around the world for rewards and bonuses.

For returning players, Exhibitions are an upgrade of last year’s card grading feature. In this guide, we’ll go over the basics of the Exhibition feature of NBA 2K23, additionally, we’ll also be going over some tips so you can maximize the benefits of this mechanic.

How to find/access Exhibitions in MyTeam

To access Exhibitions in NBA 2K23, open the MyTeams menu by scrolling through the home screen. Use the shoulder buttons on your controller (L1 & R1 on PlayStation 4/5 and LB & RB on Xbox) Exhibitions is one the first options on the list.

How Exhibitions work in NBA 2K23

Opening the Exhibition menu will show you a list of missions that you need to complete. These missions are timed and you have to find a suitable player for that particular mission within the indicated time.

If you fail to do so, you won’t be able to complete the mission later on and it will expire.

Since you’re well aware of how the Exhibitions feature works in NAB 2K23 My Team, the next step is to find a suitable location for the match/tournament. You have a couple of options to choose from including Brazil, France, and Hawaii.

Exhibitions tips to maximize rewards

  • Exhibition matches and tournaments are limited to the season they take place in. You won’t be given any new missions until the current season ends and a new one begins.
  • Focus on gold missions instead of bronze. The former net you more and better rewards. Furthermore, assign better player cards to gold missions to maximize your chances for success.
  • While player cards are in use at an Exhibition, they can not be used elsewhere. Make sure you assign them diligently.
  • Gold missions take a much longer time to complete when compared to Bronze missions. Again, assign your cards diligently so you don’t miss out on other opportunities.

How to fix NBA 2K23 Exhibition failed to start bug

Sometimes starting an Exhibition match gives you the “Failed to start the mission” error message even though you meet the criteria for that mission. This is a well-known glitch that can be remedied in three ways.

  • Restart your game and console/PC
  • Change the assigned player
  • Avoid using series 2 players
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