How To Get Badges Fast In NBA 2K23

Badges are an essential part of gameplay in NBA 2K23. The buffs they provide can turn the tables for any...

Badges are an essential part of gameplay in NBA 2K23. The buffs they provide can turn the tables for any match.

Hence, it goes without saying that knowing the fastest way to get badges in NBA 2K23 should be one of your top priorities regardless of your character build type. Especially considering how each badge in the game has gone through huge changes within MyCareer and MyTeam

In this guide, we will focus on the quickest way to get NBA 2K23 badges within a short period of time.

How to farm badges fast in every NBA 2K23 match

Defensive Badges

To get defensive badge points fast, you must bait out the jumper and close out the contest to get a rating boost. Ideally, you should pull out this strategy on Los Angeles Lakers.

The important thing you want to do constantly is to stay in motion while you are off the ball so you can bait out passes to the shooter you are guarding. As you are always moving, you will be able to quickly recover and contest the shot.

You can give up some space on the court to the opponents but always stay in motion so you can make use of your momentum. This method works best against slow jumpers as it’s much easy to contest the shot.

Finishing Badges

Use MyPlayer as Screener while controlling the Best Playmaker. Relying on this strategy will get you a lot of finishing badge points. After passing the ball to MyPlayer, go up to the elbow and shop to lob the ball into the net. The Los Angeles Lakers are the best team for this so you can make use of LeBron James as the playmaker.

Shooting Badges

To get three-pointers, head to the corner of the court while staying on the three points line. Then ask for the screener to center. Use the space he provides you to exit out of the opponent’s defenders before shooting the three-pointer.

Ideally, your screen should be right behind you before executing this strategy. Again, we would recommend using the Lakers as your team to make use of LeBron as the screener.

Playmaking Badges

Run to the corner of the court while staying on the three points line. Then let the opponent defenders adjust while keeping your screener below you so you can run to the elbow.

Once reaching the elbow area, slow down then lob the ball into the net. Make sure to anticipate the hedge defender’s movement before booking it to the elbow.

Welcome to the League quest

Completing the “Welcome to the League” quest can also grant you four additional badge points in NBA 2K23. To complete the quest, you need to finish off the following objectives:

Handle Your Business:

  • Play five NBA Games
  • Get a combined total of 60 Points, Assists, Rebounds, Blocks and Steals in the NBA

Control the Narrative:

  • Meet with John Luck

Once all objectives are cleared, play at least five more NBA games and progress into the main storyline until MP becomes a starter, opening the four badge points slots for the build

How to get core badges fast in NBA 2k23

As mentioned before, this year badges have seen a drastic change in NAB 2K23 which includes a feature of Core Badges that allows players to unlock four additional badge slots.

The Core Badge system is quite tricky to understand at first but as you start coring your badges, you’ll get used to the feature with ease.

Initially, you’ll possess 17 Finishing Badges out of which 10 Badge points will be used for the combination of Tier 1 and Tier 2 Badges of that specific category to unlock the Tier 3 slot.

The 7 Badge points that were unused can now be sued to get the Golden Tier 3 Badge. Furthermore, you can core the Golden Tier 3 Badge to attain another Golden Tier 3 Badge without spending a dime.

Due to the Core Badge feature, your build is capable of possessing 24 Badge points in place of the default 17.

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