How To Create Custom Teams In NBA 2K23

Playing as your favorite team with your favorite players in NBA 2K23 is only going to get you so far. You will eventually want to create your own custom team to play against the real professionals in each season.

There are two ways to create a custom team in NBA 2K23. You can either create your dream team from scratch or edit an existing roster in the game.

The following guide will go through both methods.

How to create/edit a custom team in NBA 2K23

Head into MyLeague and select one of the three league options. You can choose to go with a current NBA team, add six expansion teams on top of that, or create your own custom league.

The real work starts once you have selected a league. You can now decide between creating your own team from scratch, editing a pre-built team, or downloading and editing a player-created team.

Once you are done finalizing your custom team, it is time to give them a home city and a home arena to represent. You will also have the option to give them a custom uniform which is one of many steps in creating their brand. Note that NBA 2K23 gives you the option of uploading custom logo images for your teams.

The entire process of creating and editing a custom team is going to take you several hours depending on your requirements. Pick your team when you are ready to start playing.

How to copy/edit pre-created teams in NBA 2K23

For the second method, head into Features instead of MyLeague and select Create a Roster. Here, you can choose a roster type such as 2K rosters, user-created rosters, and injury-free rosters.

When you pick a roster, browse through their players to select the ones you want and replace the ones you do not.

Once satisfied with your team, save your edited roster. Go into PlayNow from the main menu screen to find and pick the team to start playing.

Take note that you can also share your custom team with other players to try. In the same way, you can download their roster templates to test as well.

This process takes far lesser time than having to build everything from scratch. If you are still not satisfied with some of your players, you can add custom players to your team in the end for further tailoring.

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