How To Create Custom Teams In NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 allows you to play as your favorite NBA and WNBA teams, however, you can create your own star...

NBA 2K23 allows you to play as your favorite NBA and WNBA teams, however, you can create your own star team, backed by all your favorite athletes or ones of your creation.

In this guide, we’ll explore the two ways in which you can create a custom team in NBA 2K23 which includes how to edit existing community or developer-created teams and creating your team from scratch.

How to create/edit a custom team in NBA 2K23

To start the process of creating your team in NBA 2K23, head over to the MyLeague section of the main menu. Here you’ll have three options. You can select and edit a preexisting NBA team, create your custom league from scratch, or go with expansion teams.

Following this, you’ll now have to select a home city and a home arena for your team. You can also choose to give your team a custom uniform and a custom logo to add a personal touch.

Take your time to pick the players that work to your advantage and edit everything according to your liking. This process may take you several hours and a few trials and errors. Select your team when you are ready to start playing.

How to copy/edit pre-created teams in NBA 2K23

You can also choose to copy and/or edit pre-created teams if you do not wish to go through the hassle of starting everything from scratch. To do so head over to the Features sub-menu and then select Create a Roster. You’ll have several options here including developer-created rosters and community-created ones. Pick whichever one piques your interest.

After you select a roster, you are free to customize it however you see fit. You can replace players, edit members, or change the design language to your liking. Save your roster when you’re satisfied with your creation and take them out on the court once you’re ready. If you wish, you can share your custom roster with the NBA 2K community

This process takes far less time than having to build everything from scratch. If you are still not satisfied with some of your players, you can add custom players to your team in the end for further tailoring.

To do so, simply open the Create a Player menu where you’ll find all your custom characters. Use the bumpers to cycle through your players until you find your desired one and select them. From the menu that pops up, select copy to team, following this, simply select the team you wish to add them to. You may need to release players in your custom team if the team is already full.

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