Rumor: NBA 2K21 Prelude Release Date Will Be Announced This Week

A rumor (from an NBA 2K leak Twitter account, no less) has apparently started to circulate that the NBA 2K21 Prelude release date will be getting announced sometime this week, though obviously 2K Games hasn’t said anything. Hopefully there will be an actual kernel of truth to this for fans.

The Covid-19 pandemic has played havoc with a large number of game developers as they come up with ways to keep their employees safe. This has resulted in no small amount of game delays, with FIFA 2021 only getting an announcement trailer last week.

Various other video games that have yearly releases are having similar issues, and it seems like the NBA 2K series is one of them, unless the rumor turns out to be true. We haven’t seen anything about NBA 2K21 this year, and it’s getting close to the time when these sorts of games normally release.

It’s all the more important for these games this year, considering they not only need to have games for this generation ready, but also next generation, since the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X will both be launching at the end of this year.

If the NBA 2K21 Prelude release date rumor does turn out to be true, however, hopefully 2K Games does it better this time, after the past few years have seen the games take heavy criticism for their microtransactions. A rumor that they would be ten dollars more expensive has also been proven false.

We, of course, won’t know if the rumor about the NBA 2K21 Prelude release date is actually true until 2K Games says it is, but hopefully the company is able to at least announce the game and give it a window even if the pandemic has made it so that they’re not making progress as quickly as before.