NBA 2K17 MyCareer Player Builds Guide

NBA 2K17 Builds Guide to help you with builds related to different positions with max attributes, tips and strategies to dominate your opponents.

NBA 2K17 Builds Guide to help you with builds on different positions and archetypes and become a better player.

When it comes to NBA 2K17 Builds, there is a lot to take into consideration. From height to weight, wingspan, and a variety of archetypes, the possibilities are potentially endless.

NBA 2K17 Builds Guide

We have also some unorthodox builds into the mix which should enable you to keep your opponent guessing your moves and help you rack up wins.

Our NBA 2K17 Builds Guide outlines some of the most effective builds for a range of positions in the game.

NBA 2K17 Builds – Point Forward

Height – 6’9”
This build is basically designed to provide you with a bigger wing with boosts in boxing out, rebounds, block, and dunks.

Coming to arms, you need to go with medium length 81.2” which should provide you average shooting boost. There is essentially no need to have long arms.

Shoulder Width – 23.7”
The reason you need to go with wider shoulders is to make up for medium-sized arms.

Weight – 210 lbs.
The reason for going with medium weight which should slightly reduce your boxout, strength, and dunk; but should also provide you with slightly average speed.

Archetype – Small Forward
It goes without saying that this build comes out in play when everything is average – after all Point Forward is all about being average. With the exception of Agility and Playmaking, which are set to max, everything else is pretty average.

The reason for this is because you want to be able to do a little bit of everything.

  • Shooting off Dribble – 2/15
  • Layups & Dunk – 3/16
  • Mid-Range Shooting – 2/16
  • 3PT Shooting – 2/15
  • Post Scoring – 0/7
  • Agility – 5/25
  • Strength – 0/8
  • Rebounding – 0/8
  • Playmaking – 5/25
  • Defending – 1/15

NBA 2K17 MyCareer Point Forward Tips and Strategies
With all being said and done, you need to make sure that you play the passing lanes which is where your Playmaking should come into play. Despite having medium arms, your height should allow you to easily intercept and even dunk pretty decently.

You should also try and press size and agility because of the fact that you are big and relatively agile for a big guy. Due to the fact that you are a Point Forward, you always need to lead the transition attack. You basically need to push as quickly as you possibly can and pass the ball – this is something our Point Forward shines at.

Apart from this, you also need to make sure that you lead the PnR attacks with your size. Your relatively large size should allow you to successfully complete a number of otherwise impossible passes. Speaking of size, you should take it into consideration and head straight to the paint – especially if the other player is smaller than you.

NBA 2K17 Builds – Point Guard

Height – 6’1”
This is basically to make sure that everything remains the way it is! With this height, there should be no decline and boosts whatsoever.

When it comes to arms, you need to for something relatively shorter like 73.2”. This is because of the fact that you are already short at 6’1” and you need shooting and off dribble bonuses.

Coming to weight, it should be relatively low at only 180 lbs. As many of you may already have guessed, this is in order to get the speed boost which is of utmost importance.

Archetype – Sharpshooter
The archetype that you need to go with is Sharpshooter which should provide you access to the crazy shooting abilities and badges. However, one important thing that you need to bear in mind is that this build is quite limited when it comes to shooting off dribble, however, this is not something that can easily counter.

In our Tips and Strategies section provided below, I have discussed everything you need to know about countering it.

  • Shooting off Dribble – 2/11
  • Layups & Dunk – 2/7
  • Mid-Range Shooting –5/25
  • 3PT Shooting – 5/25
  • Post Scoring – 0/14
  • Agility – 3/15
  • Strength – 0/13
  • Rebounding – 1/12
  • Playmaking – 1/13
  • Defending – 1/15

NBA 2K17 MyCareer Point Guard Tips and Strategies
As mentioned earlier, this build lacks when it comes to shooting off dribble. To counter it, you basically need to make sure that your face and shoulders are facing the rim, set your feet, and then take the shot. As soon as you see the defense not committing hard enough, pick one dribble, wait half a second, and shoot.

You need to take your speed and shooting ability into consideration and use it to your advantage. However, expect the PNR defense to change based on these tactics.

If your opponent commits to hard hedge and trap you, do not force a bad shot and hit the free man whom you should easily be able to target. However, when it comes to decent over screen defense, simply use your speed boost to get past them and go for an easy score.

Finally, coming to tight ball D, go with a basic dribble move followed by your speed boost to go for another easy score. You basically need to take advantage of your small height and agility to get in and out clean. If they, however, try to sag, remember that you are a sharpshooter and should have no problems scoring – as long as you set your feet before taking the shot.

NBA 2K17 Builds – Shooting Guard

Height – 6’4”
It goes without saying that this Shooting Guard is relatively tiny, but gets slight boost on standing duck and loses a little of speed. The reason as to why you need to avoid going any taller than this is because you need him to be quick when it comes to pick and roll game.

When it comes to weight, you need to go with something in the line of 174 lbs. By doing this, you should be able to get a huge boost in speed, acceleration, vertical, and lateral quickness. The idea is to be as lightweight and speedy as possible.

Wingspan – 75.2”
Another thing that you need to keep is small is wingspan. Since our guy is short to begin with, there is really no need for him to have long arms. With this, you should be able to get pretty decent boosts on off dribble, open shot, contested shot, and strength.

Archetype – Shot Creator
This is arguably one of the best archetypes in NBA 2K17. Not only shooting off dribble and agility are insane, but the badges are excellent. The badges that you get with the Shot Creator include Difficult Shots, Tear Dropper, Tireless Scorer, Ankle Breaker, and Mid-Range Deadeye.

With this Point Guard archetype, you should be no less than an isolation pull up legend.

  • Shooting off Dribble – 25
  • Layups & Dunk – 18
  • Mid-Range Shooting – 17
  • 3PT Shooting – 13
  • Post Scoring – 14
  • Agility – 21
  • Strength – 8
  • Rebounding – 5
  • Playmaking – 14
  • Defending – 15

NBA 2K17 MyCareer Shooting Guard Tips and Strategies
With this build, you need to pick and roll from wings to baseline drives. However, if you see the big man drop down, all you need to do is to simply pull up and score which is where Shot Creator truly shines at.

Do, however, be wary if your opponent starts giving lane. In such a situation, if you ever see open lane, go strong and finish it up. In addition to this, they are relatively good at dunk so keep this in mind.

Coming to countering hard hedge, you simply need to hit the roll man, allowing you to gain assists as well.

NBA 2K17 Builds – Center

Height – 7’1”
The reason for going with this height is to provide you with an extra inch of standing dunk increase. Apart from that, you also get contact dunk boost, rebounding increase, boxout, and block.

Another important thing that you need to bear in mind is that you suffer from the smallest speed decline. Since you are only increasing the height by one-inch, it is a relatively decent trade-off.

Weight – 225 lbs.
When it comes to weight, the build goes with something relatively light. The reason for going with less weight is to receive huge boost in speed, acceleration, lateral quickness, and speed with ball.

Wingspan – 85.2”
You need to go with shortest wingspan possible in order to receive most boost in shooting. This is also done in order to get a little bit of boost in strength, but do not expect too much.

Archetype – Glass Cleaner
You are basically playing with a quick footed big man with insane rebounding. Combine this with his weight and height and you have yourself plenty of easy baskets. Coming to badges, you get hustle rebounder, breaker starter, putback king, brick wall, and bruiser.

  • Shooting off Dribble – 0/6
  • Layups & Dunk – 3/20
  • Mid-Range Shooting – 0/10
  • 3PT Shooting – 0/6
  • Post Scoring – 2/14
  • Agility – 2/18
  • Strength – 5/25
  • Rebounding – 5/25
  • Playmaking – 0/8
  • Defending – 3/18

NBA 2K17 MyCareer Center Tips and Strategies
When it comes to this build, you need to use your foot speed in order to duck in. Even if you miss the shot, you should have absolutely no difficulty in getting the ball back because you are a Glass Cleaner.

You basically need to use your speed and use your size in order to get deep into the paint – while holding the other guy off – get an easy pass and finish it off. However, if you find yourself blocked – since you have been ducking in – try to find great passes from the corner. In addition to this, it is your job to clean up other player’s misses.

Since you are a two-way Glass Cleaner, try and not forget about your defensive duties. Knowing that a shot is going in, try to sneak into the paint, get the easy rebound, and move out. In addition to this, you also need to boxout the other guy. You should also consider contesting, getting stops, and rim running.

Lastly, you need to remember that the center is a team player and it is your duty to clean up your team’s messes.

NBA 2K17 Builds – Small Forward

Height – 6’9”
When it comes to height, you need to understand that we are going with being a banger and not a speedster – because sharpshooters tend to be slow. The height is relatively tall in order to provide rebounding and standing dunks as well as blocks.

Weight – 221 lbs.
Despite the fact that we are targeting hardnose and physical, the reason for going with medium weight of 221 lbs. is because we need a little speed boost. Weight of 221 lbs. should provide us with slight boosts when it comes to speed, acceleration, speed with ball, vertical, and lateral quickness.

Wingspan – 83.7”
Coming to arms, you need to go with something moderate – neither too long not too short. Since the guy can shoot without any problems, there is no point going for the boost. However, since we are targeting the physical game, you need all the strength that you can get which is why we are targeting this boost along with contested shot and open shot minor boosts.

Archetype – Sharpshooter
The main idea behind this build is that the guy can shoot – no problems – but also be hardnose and physical at the same time. Coming to badges, we have Deep Range Deadeye, Limitless Range, Catch & Shoot, Corner Specialist, and Mid-Range Deadeye.

  • Shooting off Dribble – 2/11
  • Layups & Dunk – 2/7
  • Mid-Range Shooting – 5/25
  • 3PT Shooting – 2/25
  • Post Scoring – 0/14
  • Agility – 3/15
  • Strength – 0/13
  • Rebounding – 1/12
  • Playmaking – 1/13
  • Defending – 1/15

NBA 2K17 MyCareer Small Forward Tips and Strategies
As mentioned earlier, being a sharpshooter, he should have no problems scoring all day long. However, since we have targeted the physical, you need to make sure to use your size to crash the glass – because you are tall and physical for a Small Forward.

You need to remember that you will be bigger than most of the people guarding you which will give you a huge advantage at crashing the offensive glass. In addition to this, you also need to make sure that you hunt for defensive boards as well.

With this build, you need to remember to use your size not your feet. Apart from this, also use your bigger size to BANG. On the defensive side; since you are slow-footed, try to be intelligent with the spacing. Remember that you are bigger and have better passes for easy finishes.

This is all we have on NBA 2K17 Builds Guide. Do not forget to share your own MyCareer Builds, tips, and strategies with us in the comments section below!

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