MyNBA 2K20 Tips and Tricks to Get You Started

In our MyNBA 2K20 Tips and Tricks Guide, we will help you learn everything you need to know about getting started with MyNBA 2K20.

As all of you ball-fans would know, a new and interesting NBA season will be coming out soon enough, which means things are expected to stirrup in the universe of video games as well. One of the reasons for such a stirrup in the gaming community is the MyNBA 2K20 by 2K Sports and Cat Daddy.

This will be the updated version of a card collecting game/app which allows its players to collect the cards of their favorite NBA players, consisting of all the rosters that are included in the 2019-2020 season. You will be allowed to battle against other human opponents from all over the world.

Though do not expect the game to be one of that stick to the basics, in fact, the game will have a wide number of upcoming features for its players.

MyNBA 2K20 Tips and Tricks

The game leans towards the genre of card battler games and not your average high-end video game for consoles. But you can expect a few basketball rules being incorporated into these card battles.

You will be asked to choose your favorite team once you start the game, though this will not have an impact on your initial team since you are going to start the game with five low-rated cards. There are four attributes for all players:

  • Offense
  • Defense
  • Rebounding
  • Playmaking

The game chooses four match-ups based on attributes, out of which each attribute refers to a quarter of a basketball game. Here, you will have to choose a player that according to you, would put down your opponent’s pick.

You will also not be able to view your opponent’s cards, thus how you choose your cards will heavily depend on every player’s attributes.

Higher attribute ratings do not necessarily mean that you will win. There are other dependencies like the Support Cards that one may have at any time.

The game allows you with two Support Cards along with your Player Cards. The Support Cards are used as buffs that increase a player’s rating during a match.

Also, some players tend to have designations such as Triple Threat or Hustler, etc., which can add up to your attributes by a particular percentage during a battle.

Draft Pick and Patterns

The Draft Pick is a way of a random selection of a new player to be added to your team. Draft picks work on mysterious patterns that get changed daily.

Although if you can judge/guess the selection of the draft pick, you will get a special reward apart from the player that is to be added atop your deck.

Once you are done battling another opponent, you will have the choice of adding more players to your team using a draft pick.

After your initial tutorial victory, you will get the choice of nine draft picks, although later on in the game, you will get two draft picks per victory and one draft pick per loss by default.

But if you consider watching an ad-video, you will have the choice to add four more players to your team using the draft pick.

This is very useful for building your team, especially in the start so I strongly recommend that you consider watching these adverts.

The drafted players that you get will greatly depend on your tier in the game, which will increase only if you have a strengthened deck of players. Though even if you are in higher tiers, you might end up with common players that have lower stats.

Improving your Players

You can never be a good coach if you let your players be subject to decline and avoid putting them to use, or particularly, any sorts of training.

Similarly, in MyNBA 2K20, you need to make sure that you train your players using the resources that you need to do so. These resources can be common or low-rated cards or even duplicates since you won’t be putting any of these to use.

Cards that are targeted for improvement will gain EXP, will level up, or will even be allowed to be combined to higher-end, better, or more powerful Pro cards; all by sacrificing the resources mentioned above.

Do not waste your resources trying to level up un-drafted rookie free agents or the 2019 second-round picks, instead use them on your rarer players that will add skill and quality to your deck, and help you win more battles.

Pro Cards

You can also create Pro Cards by having its duplicates and combining them. Though you will need to check that the players that are set for combination are NOT on your decks, whatever the game mode might be.

If both, the duplicate and your target card for improvement are at max levels, then combining these will result in a Perfect Pro.

You can still combine them to create Imperfect Pros if you are not able to make your combination cards reach their utmost caps.

Again, focus on saving card combinations for your rarer and better cards instead of wasting them on cards that are of low stats.

Player Positions

While playing MyNBA 2K20, you will notice how most players are effective if they are played in their ideal positions. Although a few exceptions can be made for your high-rated players, especially if their stats are a lot better than your other players.

But for most of the times, I recommend that you place your players in their usual positions to get the most out of them and to allow them to activate their special skills.

For instance, you should only consider playing a PG/SG as a point guard or as a shooting guard and a PF/C should only be at the power forward or center positions.

Allow the game to auto line-up or auto-fill your lineup in all of your game modes whenever you are confused or unsure about your player positions. You can even further tune this automated line-up to perfect it for yourself.

Save your Best Players

Like in all card games, you need to know when to play the tricks you’ve got saved under your sleeves in MyNBA 2K20 as well.

In fact, when it comes to choosing which Player Cards to play, you need to be very strategic, especially if you are on one of those higher tiers with bigger decks when you are to face experienced opponents.

So it’s not just about playing your best defense or your best offense, instead of it’s about being more meticulous.

Try and play your weakest cards at first, to give your opponent a wrong sense of the course of the game, eventually getting through the first quarter or the first half of the game and placing your best cards out there to play.

You do not want to play your best cards right at the start of the game and end up being cornered if they fail.

In another one of the possible plays, you can go ahead and try matching up your weakest and your strongest card to form a pair and win an early advantage because your opponent will be less likely to win over your match-up using his best cards at the very beginning.

Although another circumstance in which this approach would not work is the one in which your opponent has a deck of similar or better strength, and is using their best match-up against yours.

If you have special abilities stacked somewhere in your deck, hold onto them very tightly, and wait for the right time to use them.

For instance, if you possess a Hustler in your starters, save him for a Rebounding match-up, since if the ability is activated, you will get a bonus.

Conclusively, you need to be sure about your deck, especially about your best cards. Go ahead and familiarize yourself with your top picks with their stats, positions, and abilities.

The Game Modes

There are several game modes available for play in MyNBA 2K20. I will talk about these game modes and how they differentiate from one another in this section of the guide.

Quick Game
The basic and fastest game mode that is available for play. Your best five players face the opponent’s five. You are allowed to select players for each quarter.

The 2 on 2
This is the most time-consuming game mode to build a deck as it requires twenty-five cards. This is also the most difficult mode to master. You also have to team up with another player to battle two opposing players for sixteen battles.

Reigning Threes
In this mode, you have to battle solo against another player. This is also less time consuming as compared to the 2 on 2.

For this mode, you need to be very dedicated as this is considered as the most complex mode in the game, and it requires you to be active for its whole duration to stay in the race of winning the game.

This mode also consists of many bonuses and boosts that are available for unlocking. I advise that you unlock these before you start the Champions season.

To do this you need to complete certain tasks to unlock both of the Coach bonuses, then continue completing and using your current challenges so that you get a lot of bonuses for your line-up.

Free Packs

Free Packs can be opened by interacting with the shop cart button on the bottom menu. These can be accessed after four hours.

If you are into having better chances to get a higher-end player to improve your team, and more importantly if you are done with going about countless draft picks in search for a worthy player. Go ahead and try opened free packs.

Although these do not guarantee you a player of high quality, it’s observed that free packs have higher chances of giving you a better player than the draft pick method.

Therefore, go ahead and set your phone’s notifications so that you get notified on time for these free packs.

Daily Drills

Nope, certainly not a literal basketball practice where you, as the coach, get to scream at your players and make them shoot baskets. Because for one, they’re cards, we don’t scream at cards now do we?

For this game, you will be required to complete a set of tasks or goals during a day, such as something like drafting a specified number of players. Completing these goals earns you tickets which you can spend at the ticket store.

The Ticket Store

The ticket store is a store where you can get to buy game-goodies. Precisely the place where you are going to spend your well-earned tickets.

For instance, the Basic Goals Pack, which sells for 30 Tickets, guarantees that you get a random card of Rare – Epic Rarity.

Alternatively, the Intermediate Goals Pack, which sells for 100 Tickets, guarantees that you get a random card of Epic – Elite Rarity.

I recommend that you save up for higher-level Packs instead of the Basic Goals Pack to build a solid deck.

Daily Login Awards!

For starters, this won’t seem much, but throughout the game, you will be eligible for better and greater rewards. The Daily Login award scheme is observed to be as such:

  1. Rare card(s) from days 5 – 10
  2. Epic card(s) from days 15 – 21
  3. Epic Prime card(s) from days 22 – 27
  4. Elite Rarity card on day 28

Note that the daily awards will only continue if you log in on a regular/consecutive basis. This does test your patience, but, all you have to do is the login for a couple of minutes to claim your daily award.

I hope that this walk-through helps you get going and get that early grip over MyNBA 2K20.

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