How To Get Self-Revives In MW3 Zombies 

In MW3 Zombies, you can use self-revives to get back on your feet and mow down zombies when you get downed. Here's how to get them.

The Self-Revives appear to be the most beneficial items in MW3 Zombies, which work just as the name suggests. You can use them to revive yourself and get back into the fight when you get downed. Usually, you’ll need your teammates to revive you, but with these, you can do it yourself.

But from where can you get the Self-Revives in MW3 Zombies? If you are curious about knowing the answer, dive into this guide. 

Quick Revive Perk Machine 

The easiest way to get the Self-Revives is through the Quick Revive Perk Machines. All you have to do is navigate the machine’s location on the map and then purchase it after getting there. This one requires you to spend, but if you want some free-of-cost stuff, you can look into other methods. 

Loot Caches 

The Loot Caches in MW3 also contain the Self-Revives, but there is no guarantee that you will find them in every cache, as this is random. So, in this case, you need to keep trying your luck until you find one.  

How To Use 

When you are all set to revive yourself, there will be a button to interact with; press and hold, then you will be enabled to revive yourself successfully without relying on anyone to come forward and help you out. This really helps when you lose all your teammates and have to survive alone. 

Easter Egg Method For Unlimited Self-Revives 

The final and most effective way to get unlimited self-revives is to unlock a Tier 3 hell-hound in the Tier 3 zone. You can unlock this dog by feeding him 4x (Chunks of Meat), and this dog will follow you till the very end of the match.  

The dog can instantly revive you whenever you are down and will keep fighting the enemies for you too. This is possibly the best method available in Zombies mode if you plan on surviving in solo mode.

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