How To Get Pet Dog In MW3 Zombies 

The doghouse in MW3 Zombies offers a resourceful pet dog to players. Let’s learn how to summon this loyal companion! 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies has many Easter eggs, one of which allows you to pet a hellhound. You can also use its abilities to advance in the game, including using it to revive yourself. This canine creature is quite strong and practically unbeatable in most low-threat zones. But to use it, you need to get a pet dog in MW3 Zombies.

The guide below will explore how to summon and pet the hellhound in MW3 Zombies. 

How to get a dog 

To get the pet dog in MW3 Zombies, you must obtain Chunks of Flesh from Zombies and offer them at the doghouse. The doghouse will then explode, causing a dog to appear before you. If there are zombies nearby, the hellhound will automatically start tearing the undead apart, making it easy for you to navigate further areas.  

The dog is also useful in getting a hint if enemies are in your surroundings. It can sense zombies from a distance, allowing you to be on guard to cope with any imminent fight.  

Now that we know the key item needed to summon the hellhound is Chunk of Flesh, it’s time to learn where to look for this thing in the game.  

How to obtain Chunks of Flesh

Zombies drop the Chunks of Flesh once you kill them. The frequency and amount of this item that you can obtain is random. So, you will have to kill as many zombies as possible to increase your chances. 

In our playthrough, we observed that exploding zombies drop Chunks of Flesh much more than those killed by normal gunshots or stabbing techniques. So, we recommend using explosive weapons such as RPGs, grenades, and breacher drones to eliminate your enemies.

Where is the Doghouse in MW3 Zombies 

Once you have obtained Chunk of Flesh, you must take it to one of the doghouse locations on your map. These locations usually appear randomly. So, you should simply head to your points of interest, do your killing spree there, and wait for a doghouse marker to appear on the map.  

Upon reaching, you only have to crouch and put the Chunk of Flesh into the doghouse. After doing so, a ruthless hellhound will be summoned, tearing apart any zombies. It is worth noting that the level and strength of your pet dog depend on the type of zone you are currently visiting. The higher the dog’s level, the more chunks of flesh it will require to be summoned. 

1 (Low Threat Zone) Chunk of Flesh x1 
2 (Mid Threat Zone) Chunk of Flesh x2 
3 (High Threat Zone) Chunk of Flesh x3 
Doghouse levels and chunks of flesh requirement in MW3 Zombies

Why can’t I pet the dog in MW3 Zombies 

Summoning the hellhound from the doghouse is quite straightforward. However, many players have found it difficult to successfully pet the dog and give those sweet pats on its back.  

Before offering the flesh to the doghouse, you must ensure no zombies are in your surroundings. When the hellhound appears with no enemies in the area, it simply sits like a good boy and waits for someone to interact with it. You can then go near the dog and do as the prompt says to pet it.  

This will also earn you a “You Can Pet the Dog” secret trophy/ achievement in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. 

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