How To Open The Locked Vault In MW3 Zombies

The Locked Vault is part of the chessboard easter egg in MW3 Zombies where you must defeat a series of enemies and pick up their cellphones.

The Locked Vault is located in the Shahin Manor that can be unlocked by solving the Chessboard Easter Egg in MW3 Zombies. To solve this Easter Egg, you need to collect 4 different transmissions spread across the map. You can unlock them by defeating mini-bosses.

Once you have all the transmissions, you will get the prompt to unlock the vault. This guide will tell you how to do that in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3: Zombies.

How to Open Locked Vault? 

Unlocking the Vault involves you to find 4 transmissions located at different locations on the map. You will have to encounter and defeat mini-bosses to get access to these transmissions. The Bosses are named Rook, Bishop, Pawn, and The Knight. 3 of them will drop a transmission once executed, while one of them won’t require you to fight.  

Rook’s Location 

The Rook can be found on the top floor of a Ghalia Seaside Hotel at Ghalia Seaside. Once you eliminate him he will drop his transmission.  

Bishop’s Location 

Bishop can be located under the subway near Talanov Outpost in Popov Power. He’ll attack you with the smoke bombs, and other zombies will spawn for his assistance. But once executed, he will drop his transmission.  

Knight’s Location  

The Knight is mostly roaming around the map in an armored truck. You can find him with a moving icon of an armored truck on the map. You have to take him out in order to get his transmission.  

Pawn’s Location  

The Pawn’s transmission is fairly easy to get as you don’t have to face any mini-boss here. Rather, you must visit an abandoned shack at Zlatyev Array. Once the area is cleared, you can enter the shack, and you’ll find the final transmission lying on the top of a television.  

Unlocking The Vault & Rewards 

Once you have collected all the transmissions, head back to the Shahin Manor. Now, you will get the prompt to unlock the vault. Once the door is unlocked, you must face a final boss, The King. He’s the one guarding the vault and its rewards.  

Once the King has been removed, you can return to the locked vault in MW3 Zombies. There will be caches that you can open to unlock rare items and rewards.  

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