What Is Leave Match Penalty In MW3 Zombies? 

You may be tempted to leave a match halfway in MW3 Zombies at times. But don't do it because it can have an adverse affect on your game.

It can annoy fellow players if you suddenly leave an MW3 Zombies match after matchmaking. It creates a disproportion between active players and the number of zombies they must handle after their departure. For this reason, the game penalizes players who exit the match instead of exfiltrating properly.  

This guide will discuss the leave match penalty in MW3 Zombies and its consequences. 

All Match XP and Weapon Upgrades will be Lost 

This doesn’t seem like that much of a punishment, considering that XP can be easily earned back through playing the game.  

Remember that your weapon upgrades will also be lost upon leaving the match, just like it happens when you die. So, always try to exfil instead of abruptly leaving the match. 

All Held Items will be Taken Away 

Upon leaving a match, the actual penalty will be that you will lose every held item you dared to bring in that match. The hard part is you will lose the items from the current match and the items you successfully exfiltrated from previous matches. So, keep that in mind whenever you decide to leave a match midway. 

Match Leave Penalty on Insured Items  

The only way to save your precious weapon upgrades and powerful gear is to insure these before entering the match. Each weapon or other gear can be insured by placing them in slots.  

When should you leave a match? 

The only valid reason for you to leave a match without exfil is that you have to change missions. Leaving is useful if the current mission seems too hard and you want to tend to other easier missions.  

Conversely, if you have earned power weapon upgrades and gear items during the match, we recommend not to leave without exfilling. Be patient and exfiltrate these useful items, and Insure them afterward so that you never lose them even after leaving future matches. 

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