MW3 Zombies Chessboard Easter Egg Guide

The hidden vault in Shahin Manor, which can be unlocked by solving a chessboard puzzle in MW3 Zombies. The vault holds its exciting loot and rewards.

Zombise mode is back in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, and so are the easter eggs, and this time they are better than ever. The first is a hidden vault in Shahin Manor, which can be unlocked by solving a chessboard puzzle. The vault holds its exciting loot and rewards. To unlock it, you need to first solve the chessboard easter egg in MW3 Zombies, so let’s get right into it.  

Shahin Manor Vault 

shahin manor vault chessboard easter egg mw3 zombies
  • This Vault is located in the H7 Sector in the Manor; you must get inside the building. Move downstairs, and you can see the locked vault with the chess board beside it in the manor.  
  • You won’t be able to open the Vault now. So shift your attention towards the chess board. You will see the five pieces on it.  
  • For now, four of them will be the main concern: Pawn, Bishop, Rook, and Knight.  
  • After this, if you look closely at the board, you will realize that it appears similar to the actual map, but it is in an 8×8 configuration, so you need to consider the sectors on the real map that fall in this area and these will be: Sector I1, D1, C5, and F6.  
  • By going to these locations, you will have to collect the phones by beating down the particular bosses, and after attaining all of them, you will be able to open the Vault. 

The Bishop Boss – D1 

the bishop boss chessboard easter egg mw3 zombies

The very first boss that you will have to take down is the Bishop. Arriving at sector D1, look into the tunnel, and that’s where you will find it. Remember that the other mercenary enemy, the Knight, might show up there. Kill the boss and take the phone.  

The Knight Boss – Railroad 

For the Knight, you must go to the F6 or, more specifically, the railroad. Move around on the railway tracks, and you will encounter the boss eventually. It will be in a vehicle, not an ordinary but an armored one. Keep your eyes on the track, and as you see it coming, just unleash hell on it and get the next item for the Chessboard easter egg in MW3 Zombies. Once it’s down, grab the phone and move on to the next location. 

Another method to find Knight is to keep a good eye on the map as he’s quite prominent, roaming around in an armored vehicle, and you can track him down by seeing his vehicle icon moving on the map. 

The Rook Boss – C5 

the rook boss chessboard easter egg in MW3 Zombies

Head to sector C5 and look for the white building, as there will be the next boss, the Rook, with our third phone. You won’t face difficulty finding the building as it will be the only one in this area. Move inside it from the backside and then go up through the stairs. But be cautious, as there will be many planted mine traps that will come your way.  

After reaching the uppermost floor, you will come across the Sentry gun, get it, and then go inside the first room on the right. Rook will be ready to battle, defeat the boss, and gather the cell phone. 

The Pawn Boss – I1 

The last boss location will be in Sector I1. Find the fishing hut and get inside; surprisingly, you will find no boss there. The phone will be placed on the box, and right after collecting it, you will be attacked by the zombies and other enemies.

You can either deal with them or get out of the place to complete the remaining quest for the Chessboard Easter Egg in MW3 Zombies. 

Final Boss – The King  

After collecting all the phones, you must return to the Vault location, and you can use the portals to go there quickly. To use the portal, you will have to hit the symbols in a certain order, and you can look for these symbols in the mansion by following the correct order you can get there.  

Besides this, you will also need the Essence: 1000. The known portal locations are the Bishop Tunnel, the bathroom, and the military base.  

By heading back to the Vault location, you will notice that the lights on the upper side of the door will glow up, which means you can unlock the door now. There will be many crates, and opening one will make the last boss, The King, appear. He’s the boss you must bead, and after taking him down, all loot will be yours. 


The Vault door has many rewards, like loot caches with gas masks, high-tier gear, and Aether for completing the Chessboard Easter Egg in MW3 Zombies. So, it is worth playing and completing this quest, and it takes very little time if you use the portals correctly. 

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