MW3 Zombies Ammo Mod Circuit Board Locations Guide

The ammo mod circuit board is essential for activating deadbolt turrets in MW3 Zombies. Here is how you can get them and use them.

Ammo Mod Circuit Board is a power-up material found at different map locations in MW3 Zombies. You will have to find it while pursuing the Act 1 Tier 3 mission, called the Automated Backup.  

An Ammo Mod Circuit Board is essential to activate the Deadbolt Turret, a handy device that kills Zombies for you. The type of ability the turret gets depends on the type of Ammo Mod used in it, such as Brain Rot or Napalm Burst.

This guide will help you find both to complete the Automated Backup mission in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. 

All Ammo Mod Circuit Board Locations in MW3 Zombies 

The Ammo Mod Circuit Boards belong to the Rare (blue) items category, usually found inside Reward Caches. There is no specific place where these mods spawn, so you may have to explore several areas. The places you should frequently visit for this purpose are: 

  • Infected Strongholds 
  • Aether Nests 
  • Mercenary Camps 
  • Mercenary Strongholds 

Infected Strongholds tend to have the most Ammo Mod Circuit Boards out of the above locations. Just make sure to be prepared enough before visiting this place. The small gas-filled rooms with multiple enemies can seriously threaten you. 

Once you arrive at the stronghold, clear out the enemies and start searching for Mercenary Caches. You have a greater chance of getting higher rewards, including the Circuit Boards from these chests.  

All Deadbolt Turret Locations 

The Ammo Mods are not effective on their own. Instead, you will have to find Deadbolt Turrets to make things work. 

Although Deadbolt Turrets don’t spawn at definite locations, the game shows them by small Turret icons on your map. This makes it easier to reach the exact spot whenever the device is near your position.  

After finding an Ammo Mod Circuit Board, place it in the Deadbolt Turret to activate the device. It will then send Zombies to their rightful place, the realm of the dead.  

How to complete Automated Backup Mission 

You must activate two more Turrets to complete the Automated Backup mission after the first one. The good news is that all the kills from Deadbolt Turret count as your own, which eventually helps you earn more XP.  

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