Husband Leads Cops to Dead Wife’s Body in Exchange of An Xbox One

A strange story came to light when a husband confessed to the murder of his wife in exchange for an Xbox One. He led the cops to her body.

People have often been known to do things for the weirdest reasons imaginable. Like a woman stabbing her boyfriend for eating her fries, so on and so forth. This story kind of just falls into that category, as the murderer of Venus Stewart, her husband Doug; confessed everything to the police in exchange for an Xbox One.

Back in 2011, Doug was convicted with the murder of his wife and was sentenced to life in prison despite the body never being found. Since then, Doug has denied any affiliation to the murder of his dearly beloved despite the persistence of the police and detectives interrogating him. This denial continued until recently, however, as Doug not only confessed to the murder of Venus Stewart but also lead the detectives to where he buried the body.

Now usually in these cases, criminals tend to cooperate with the authorities in hopes of an early parole or a reduced sentence. That wasn’t the case here though, as all Doug asked for in exchange of his cooperation was an Xbox One.

That’s all it took for him to talk about the murder of Venus Stewart, his wife. The story was already sad to begin with but it’s hard to make words of how this development should make one feel. On one hand, Venus and her family do finally get the closure of the body being found and her death being confirmed in fact.

But for such a conclusion to be reached over something as trivial as an Xbox? Unbelievable, even more, uncomfortable after the details Doug shared regarding the murder of Venus Stewart, saying he choked her till she passed out, dragged her into the woods, then waited for her to wake up before killing her and burying the body.

Source: WWMT

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