Moss Forgotten Fragments Guide – Where To Find, All Forgotten Fragment Scrolls

This Moss Forgotten Fragments Locations Guide will tell you all about where to find the specific scrolls that you need. They can be anywhere from right in the middle of your path to obscure walkways scattered around the game’s world.

Forgotten Fragments are one of the two collectibles that are available to you in Moss. Fragments are very well hidden in the game world and it seems as if finding them will be impossible without outside help. They are found in different scrolls and you need to be a very good storyteller in order to find them.

Moss Forgotten Fragments

Essentially, these are scrolls which can be quite important to the story. There are a total of 31 of them in the game and they are scattered throughout each chapter in various different places.

They might require you to be a little bit more curious or complete an extra puzzle, but getting them will enable you to get two new Trophies. Trophies that you get for finding all of the Forgotten Fragments are ‘The Author’s Plan’ and ‘A Fragment of Fate’. To get them, you will need to find each of the last pages and they will then unlock.

Chapter #1

  • Fragment 1 is found at the beginning of the game. Climb up the path to locate the scroll.
  • Fragment 2 is at the wooden gate. Stand at the stands and climb the rocks at the back. Then jump to reach the walkway at the top of the gate to locate the scroll.
  • Fragment 3 is in the village if you go past the waterwheel and head to the platform to the left side of the house door. Get to it through the rooftop.

Chapter #2

  • Fragment 4 is up the stairs at the start. Look for it near the bed.
  • Fragment 5 is at the wooden stairs. Go up the stairs and get to the left corner of the scene to find the fragment.
  • Fragment 6 is behind the large axe when you exit the gate and cross a balance beam.
  • Fragment 7 is across the stones. Get to the other side of the water and move through the grass in the background to locate a secret path to a ledge.
  • Fragment 8 is near the tree root and square stones. Jump around it and get to the left foreground corner. Then jump towards the screen and get on the platform to find the fragment.
  • Fragment 9 is at the castle ruins. Move the statue and climb to the ledge. Now shimmy left and hop onto the hidden platform when you drop down to get the fragment.
  • Fragment 10 is at the stone bridge. Circle behind it to find a fragment rather than dropping down.

Chapter #3

  • Fragment 11 is at the stone pillars at the start. Run to the arch and get to the platform on the right.
  • Fragment 12 is in the spear holding statues’ room. Climb up the exit door and move right to drop to the ledge. Move right again and find the fragment at the corner.
  • Fragment 13 is at the next room, right behind the mouse statue.
  • Fragment 14 is after the arena battle. Go to the ledge on the right and get to the alcove at the center of the room. Climb in the alcove to get the fragment.
  • Fragment 15 is in the puzzle room. Destroy the stick and get to the ledge at the left of the lever to find a fragment.
  • Fragment 16 is in the outdoor puzzle room. Get on the block that is moving to the right and ride it to the top of the screen to locate the hole in the wall with the fragment.
  • Fragment 17 is in the chamber with the mouse statues. In the right side of the foreground, bend down and find the fragment near the right door.
  • Fragment 18 is to the right side of the sandy room. Get to the middle platform and then jump onto the arch shaped alcove. Now jump left and find the fragment.
  • Fragment 19 is in the spiral staircase puzzle room. Do not kill the lower left shooting bug. Raise the right background and jump onto the blocks. Then control the shooter bug to hit the left switch and use the left block to get to the fragment.

Chapter #4

  • Fragment 20 is at the top of the mine room. Get the lift at the back and ride it down to find a secret room with a fragment.
  • Fragment 21 is at the rocks after you ride the elevator upwards. Climb the rocks and find the secret passage behind the elevator.

Chapter #5

  • Fragment 22 is in the first room behind the destroyed robot.
  • Fragment 23 is at the right side of the exit door after you block the vision of the very first sentry machine.
  • Fragment 24 is in the room which has the second sentry. Get behind the thorn patch and rotate the wells to block the view of the robot.
  • Fragment 25 is in the village with the robot tentacles. Get to the top floor of the ruined building to get the fragment.
  • Fragment 26 is behind the altar at the church. Climb the stairs behind the button to find it.
  • Fragment 27 is at the path to the left side of the pub. Break the crates to find the fragment.
  • Fragment 28 is inside the pub. Get to the second floor and break things towards the back left corner.
  • Fragment 29 is up the stairs after you go through the large doors in the center of the town square. It is located towards the right side.

Chapter #6

  • Fragment 30 is up the main path after you deal with the snake. Keep looking at the right side to find the fragment.
  • Fragment 31 is at the exterior of the cliffs. When you see the second enemy, jump down and move left to find the secret tunnel with the fragment.

That is all we have for our Moss Forgotten Fragments Locations Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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