Mordhau Perks Tier List – Best Perks to Unlock

Mordhau, the medieval first & third person multiplayer slasher, gets really hectic during combat and if you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself at the mercy of several opponents. Luckily, Mordhau does offer you a little help so that you can get an edge over the enemy. Perks in Mordhau offer unique passive buffs & abilities for your character.

Mordhau Perks

We’ve prepared this handy little Mordhau Perks Guide that lists down each ability/skill in the game. However, each one has an associated point cost with it so we’ve made sure to list the best ones to spend them on.

Excellent Perks

Perks Effects
Second Wind Stamina gain on hit is increased 30%, which is useful during duels.
Bloodlust Health on Kill is increased 50%. This can change the tide of a 1vX match.
Tenacious Passive Health regeneration is 40% faster, which makes for more fun combat.
Huntsman Projectiles deal 200% more damage against archers.
Ranger Raises your odds of survival when facing other Archers by increasing movement by 15%.
Friendly Increases your max HP in big team games and reduces damage to teammates by 50%.
Dodge Jumping backwards makes you dodge. Effective against short-ranged weapons.

Good Perks

Perks Effects
Fury Stamina on kill increased 66%. In larger games, this will keep you in the fight.
Fireproof Reduces fire damage by 80% so you can sprint through your own fire to escape.
Cat Lessens fall damage by 50%. You can use this to trick opponents off buildings.
Rush Gives you a sprint effect you must be ready to utilize as soon as you secure that kill.
Scavenger Causes enemies to drop loot. Its usefulness depends on their loadout.

Okay-ish Perks

Perks Effects
Brawler Increases fist damage but not as useful as a dagger (which would be less costly).
Acrobat Reduces Jump stamina cost by 50% so you can maneuver better.
Flesh Wound Fatal melee and projectile damage, except for headshots, doesn’t instantly kill you. Not quite worth the 3 point price but still fun.
Rat 10% Increased crouch movement speed and footstep volume reduced by 75%. Wrecker – 50% damage increase against structures.
Smith Repair effectiveness increased 50%.
Peasant The weakest one by far. Restricts equipment & wearables to things a peasant would use & allows you to spawn with makeshift weapons.