Mordhau Drag and Accel Guide – How to Perform, Types

In this Mordhau Drag and Accel Guide, you’ll learn about the two combat techniques that are very effective to deceive an enemy. Before we begin, Drag is when an attack lands later than an enemy expected. Accel, on the other hand, is when an attack lands sooner than your opponent expected.

Mordhau Drag and Accel

Accel, as it sounds like, is doing something sooner. This attack basically lets you inflict damage to your enemy by striking before than his/her expectations.

Sometimes, the enemy can predict your strike. Accel and Drag help you hit them with strikes they were least expecting. Accel is a fast-paced attack used so that your enemy is pressurized.

Drag is also known as deceleration that means in this type of surprise attack, you’ll confuse the enemy with slow-paced strikes that the enemy wouldn’t predict.

Using a mixture of Drag and Accel during combat can help you defeat even the most elite of Mordhau players.

Drag and Accel

In Mordhau, there’re 4 drag moves while 3 Accel moves that you can perform in order to confuse the enemy. However, these moves require a lot of skill and practice.


Overhead Drag

  • Before performing strike, lure your camera down and then right.
  • To ensure perfect Overhead Drags strike, press S + A after competition of 90-degree turn completes.

Strike Drag

  • Lure camera 90 degrees right before doing a right slash attack.
  • To ensure a perfect strike, press S + A.
  • In case performing left strike, lure camera 90-degree left while pressing S + D.

Underhand Drag

  • Lure camera 90-degree right and press S + A.
  • In order to perform left strike, lure camera 90-degree left and press S + D.

Stab Drag

  • After the windup phase, lure camera 90 degrees right and lure the weapon back towards the enemy later to execute this move.

Overhead Accel

  • Look towards the ground, by going 90 degrees down, later strike enemy thus performing the Overhead Accel.

Underhand Accel

  • While performing the Underhand Accel, lure your camera angle 90-degree up.

Slash Accel

  • While slashing to the right, lure camera angle 90-degree right and 90-degree left for a left slash strike.

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