Monster Hunter World PC Port Crashes Put PC Launch In Jeopardy

A spate of Monster Hunter World PC port crashes are putting the game's PC launch on August 9 in jeopardy unless Capcom can fix it.

While Monster Hunter fans who have been wanting to play the PC are ecstatic that the game will finally be making the jump from consoles, a recent issue with Monster Hunter World PC port crashes is putting the launch in jeopardy, according to Tom Marks of IGN, who played an early build.

According to Marks, at random times the game will freeze up for a short time before hard-crashing, meaning the game will just close itself and kick you back to the desktop. According to Marks, the problem is quite widespread, with everyone he spoke to who has early access to the port experiencing a hard crash at least once while playing the game.

There’s no indication for what’s actually causing the Monster Hunter World PC port crashes, but if it’s widespread and happening repeatedly, Capcom needs to leap into action to get it fixed before August 9, when the port will be released. Considering this will be Monster Hunter’s first foray onto the PC, the ability to make a good impression on many prospective fans is vital.

Monster Hunter World earned rave reviews when it first came out in February on the Xbox One and Playstation 4, and has been getting a steady stream of content since its release, with new monsters, new weapons, and various festivals making appearances. However, something that’s been hanging over the game for these past few months is the promise of a PC port, which many PC gamers intrigued at the fuss over the game have been waiting for for a long time.

While hopefully this will be an easy fix, and there’s still over a week and a half to go until the Monster Hunter World PC port actually comes out, if Capcom can’t fix the Monster Hunter World PC port crashes quickly, the PC port might not get the same sort of glowing reviews the consoles did.

The PC port of Monster Hunter World will be coming out on August 9.

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