Monster Hunter World PC Port Is A Mess, Denuvo’s FMA3 Instruction Requires At Least Intel Haswell CPU

Today is the day Monster Hunter World arrives for PC. While the game is CPU intensive but, the Monster Hunter World PC port is a mess thanks to Capcom’s implementation of Denuvo DRM that requires at least 4th-gen Intel Haswell or AMD Piledriver CPU.

According to the report, the implementation of the Denuvo for Monster Hunter World PC port requires FMA3 Instruction set which is supported by Intel Haswell CPUs or the ones released after it.

This means those PC gamers who are using CPUs from 3rd-gen, 2nd-gen, and 1-gen Intel CPUs, will not be able to boot up the game as these Intel CPUs don’t support FMA3 Instructions.

This is surprising since Monster Hunter World’s official system requirements demand a 3rd-gen Intel Core i7-3770 CPU, which according to the report isn’t capable of running the game at all.

Monster Hunter World PC Port

That is not all, recently PCGamer did a detailed rundown of the game’s performance on PC and guess what? one of the systems used to play the game was using an “Intel Core i5-2500k”.

I’ve been playing on medium settings at 1920×1080 borderless windowed on a machine with a GTX 970, Intel Core i5-2500k 3.3 GHz.

Those with older CPUs like the 2500K will likely need a substantial overclock to get smoother performance.

This indicates that the game wasn’t using Denuvo for the review copies and Capcom implemented the DRM shortly before launch and blocking players from playing Monster Hunter World on PC who own a CPU older than Intel Haswell.

Capcom has noted that Monster Hunter World PC is extremely CPU intensive due to the game keeping track of monsters in the game’s world and their interaction.

However, the developer should have been more forthcoming with the information that PC gamers would require at least 4th-gen Intel Haswell CPU to play it.

If you are wondering if your CPU supports the FMA3 Instruction set or not. You can find out with CPUZ application as shown in the image below. However, if you own a CPU prior to Intel Haswell then you will be disappointed.

What do you think of Monster Hunter World PC port being unplayable for players who don’t own an Intel Haswell or above CPU? Should Capcom remove Denuvo from the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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