Monster Hunter World Investigations Guide – How to Complete, Capture, Slaying, Hunting, Resource Center

Investigations in Monster Hunter World are essentially Quests in which you will be given an extra reward. You can simply kill Monsters to harvest crafting materials off of them, but if the said Monster is a target of your Investigation, then you will receive a few extra goodies when you kill them.

These Investigations usually have a failure component, which means that you can actually fail when attempting to do them. This Monster Hunter World Investigations Guide will tell you how you can easily complete the Investigations, and provide you with valuable tips and tricks for when you are trying to take on a Monster which you need to investigate.

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Getting Started with Monster Hunter World Investigations

There are a total of three types of Investigations i.e. Capture, Slaying, and Hunting. Hunting requires you to kill one large Monster, Slaying requires you to kill multiple small Monsters whereas Capture demands that you damage a Monster and then use your net to capture it.

You can unlock Investigations by noticing the traces left behind by certain Monsters when you interact with them. You can see the Investigation notice on your HUD when this happens. After this, you will need to go to the Resource Centre in Astera to start the Investigation. You will have a lot of Investigations on your hands, so remember to toggle them on or off at the Resource Center.

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How to Complete Investigations

As stated above, Investigations are unlocked after you see stuff like footprints, skidmarks, or mucus of Monsters on the ground. They will unlock Investigations for you and give you research points. These mini-Quests will involve you tracking a Monster and then killing it to reap the multiple rewards.

The rewards will vary depending on the type of Investigation you are performing, so choose carefully which Investigation you want to do next.

Investigations almost always have a failure condition. For example, if you are tackling a Slaying Quest, you could be tasked to take out 20 different small Monsters of the same type. You will also be given a time limit which could vary depending on the difficulty level of that Monster. There is also a faint limit, which is usually 3. So, make sure you are well prepared whenever you attempt an Investigation.

When to Complete Investigations

You will constantly be unlocking different Investigation Quests as you play the game. Resource Centre is where you can sort out these Investigations, and decide which one you want to register to first. Pick out the Investigations you want to register too and then go to the handler to start the Quest.

You also have the option of deleting Investigations whenever you are in the Resource Center. Try to focus on the important ones which will give you materials that you need rather than trying to complete them in an order. Take a look at your workshop and decide which Quest would be most beneficial for you.

Investigations serve as a great way to farm parts and make yourself better weapons. They are much better than trying to repeat a Quest again and again to get the items that you need. Through Investigations, you can guarantee that you will meet a certain Monster rather than have to endlessly sift through the terrain trying to locate it.

Pick out an upgrade that you want to do and then select Investigations which will provide you with the items necessary to complete the Investigation.

Investigations will not only give you the Monster parts, but also other parts. Their difficulty varies according to their rewards. An Investigation which gives you better rewards will have fewer time limits or another factor which will make you work harder during the time of the Investigation.

Investigations are a great way to grind the game. They make the game far less boring than the previous iterations of the series. The developers have finally managed to make a Monster Hunter game which does not require you to grind optional Quests; instead, you can do varying challenges which make an already great game perfect.

Further Exploring the Resource Centre

You will have noticed that we also have Bounties in the Resource Centre. Bounties are another way to upgrade your weaponry. Specifically, they can be used to upgrade your armor. They work sort of like weekly Quests, they usually have a certain amount of days for you to Hunt a large Monster.

For your troubles, you are granted a certain part which will upgrade your armor. You may also be granted other rewards like research points, which further go towards upgrading your weaponry. So, it is essentially a better way to hunt certain Monsters. It is definitely better to do bounties to get things such as Armor Spheres rather than trying to farm them off of minerals, which can take a lot of time.

Lastly, remember that all registered bounties are active all the time. This means that if you are tasked with hunting a Monster like the Great Jagras in a bounty, you can also load up the Investigation and start it form Astera. Once you have posted the new Quest, you can slay the Great Jagras to simultaneously complete both the Investigation and the bounty.

This is a great way for you to stack up rewards and upgrade your gear much quicker than you would be able to otherwise. Just do not engulf yourself in these Quests so much that you forget to do Expeditions, and thus are not able to enjoy the game to its fullest potential since Monster Hunter World is all about exploration and getting to know the terrain.

That is all we have for our Monster Hunter World Investigations Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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