How to Defeat Fatalis in Monster Hunter World Iceborne

Fatalis, also known as The Black Dragon, is the final monster added to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Fatalis was introduced in the first Monster Hunter game on PS2.

In this guide, we will give you tips and tricks on how to obtain The Black Dragon quest and defeat Fatalis in MHW: Iceborne.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Fatalis

The Black Elder Dragon is a hard to defeat monster in MHW that deals Dragon and Fire elemental damage. You’ll need to play this quest with your friends if you want to complete it on the first try.

How To Acquire The Quest

You need to be Master Rank Level 24 and should have completed the Iceborne campaign and the Alatreon investigation. To get the quest, speak with the newly added character known as Excitable A-Lister.

He will give you a quest to defeat Alatreon and when you speak with him after defeating Alatreon, you will be given The Black Dragon Quest. You can find him on the message board inside your base.

Make sure to equip the top-tier weapons and healing items to last longer in the fight. You can invite your friends or you can do it solo.

After starting the quest, you will be put into the fight immediately.

Tips and Tricks to Defeat Fatalis

The fight will take place in Castle Schrade where you can use environmental weapons like the Cannons, The Dragonator, and One-Shot Binders.

There is a 30 minutes time-limit for this fight, and if you faint five times, the fight will be over for you.

Fatalis shoots a wide spread of fire from his mouth that can easily kill you if you get hit by it.

It can also melt any cover that you are behind, so make sure to change your position right before he breathes fire.

Target his head for the majority of time to deal more damage and weaken his fire attack. Stay behind him and attack his tail and legs to make him fall to the ground.

The General will shout when Fatalis is about to unleash an extremely powerful fire attack, so that will be the sign for you to take cover behind the barricade.

It will take you a long time to defeat him with your weapons.

Make sure to lure him towards the Environmental Traps and deal a massive amount of damage.


Defeating Fatalis will give you the probability of finding the following items:

  • Fatalis Fellwing x2
  • Fatalis Pectus
  • Fatalis Shard x2
  • Fatalis Hardhorn x3
  • Fatalis Cortex x3
  • Sealed Feystone x4
  • Pure Dragon Blood x5
  • Large Elder Dragon Gem
  • King Armor Sphere x2
  • Shadowcore Ore

You can craft the following Armor sets with the help of these items:

  • Fatalis Alpha + Armour
  • Fatalis Beta + Armour
  • Fatalis Set Alpha +

Fatalis Armour and Weapons will boost your stats tremendously, with each piece of the armor granting three four-slots. Fatalis Weapons deal extremely high damage with increased sharpness.

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