Monster Hunter World Iceborne Coral Highlands Treasure Locations

This guide will help you find all 10 treasure locations in Coral Highlands when playing Monster Hunter World Iceborne to increase your rep

Monster Hunter World has areas rich with content for players to unlock and discover. One of these areas is The Coral Highlands region. This Monster Hunter World Iceborne guide will focus specifically on finding all treasure locations in Coral Highlands.

Iceborne Coral Highlands Treasure Locations

To start the Coral Highlands treasure hunt, you will first need to be at least level 6 reputation with the Troupers faction and have unlocked their palico gadget.

Treasure #1
The first treasure is hidden south of area 2 in a shell-house. Using the location on the map, it should be easy to find

Coral Highlands Treasure 1

Treasure #2
For the second treasure head to area 8 from camp 12. Go towards the south-west corner for the treasure.

Coral Highlands Treasure 2

Treasure #3
For the third treasure, in the east of area 12, use the Windstream to get to the top by using a Glider Mantle. You will find the treasure in this spot.

Treasure #4

For the fourth treasure. Go to area 15, to the top. This should be the area where either Legiana or Kirin take a nap. Moving south-west, you should be able to find the second hint continuing the treasure hunt.

To find the treasure once you’ve found the second hint, drop down, turn around until you see vines, climb the vines until you reach the small tunnel which should take you to in area 12 where the treasure is hidden.

Treasure #5
Use the round platform and going through some swings in area 9 will lead you to the first hint. Treasure should be south of the first hint’s location. The cave with Paolumu is where you can find the treasure.

Treasure #6
In area 6, there should be a plant on a red platform relatively lower than the rest of the place. Here you should find your next hint for this treasure hunt.

Descend to the bottom of the area to find the treasure.

Treasure #7
Head to the east of area 9, situated near a blue crystal; on a platform, accessible by an area through a small tunnel is where you will find the treasure hint. An easy way to access it is to know that it is nearby treasure number 5.

The treasure is in area 7. Drop into the pool of water and you should see the treasure.

Treasure #8
Towards the lower part of area 9, you can find the first hint. The second hint will lead you to trees in area 1.

The treasure will finally be found in area 5. Go through the tunnel to the north, which will leave you at the treasure’s location.

Treasure #9
The ninth treasure requires you to find a second hint, located in area 8, through a small tunnel to the rope. This hint should take you beneath the treasure.

In the premises of the waterfall of area 6, you should be able to find the treasure.

Treasure #10
To conclude our treasure hunt, head to the camp in area 1 and descend the ladder to find the final treasure.

Finding this final treasure means you have successfully found all treasures in Coral Highlands. And thus have gotten yourself one step closer to the Collector’s trophy.

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