Monster Hunter World Iceborne Ancient Forest Treasure Locations

In Monster Hunter World, there are 10 treasures in one particular region. There are Grimalkyne factions in each region and you need to reach unity level 6 with those factions before you can start treasure hunting in that particular region. This guide will help you find all the treasure locations in Ancient Forest when going through Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

Iceborne Ancient Forest Treasure Locations

Complete the side quests of a faction to earn their trust as well as to unlock a certain Palico Gadget from them. After getting that gadget you can call that faction to help you in the treasure hunt in that region. For Ancient Forest, the faction you need to deal with is the Bugtrappers.

Treasure #1
The first treasure will be in the northern part of Area 5.

Treasure #2
In area 6, there is a place where monsters go for a nap. This treasure will be on that napping spot.

Treasure #3
It will be in Area 4 at the large tree that is used to trap monsters.

Treasure #4
The first part of this treasure is in area 6, where you need to use roots with a blue mushroom to reach a higher section and there you will get the next hint near-wall paintings to your treasure.

Following this hint, you will go to Area 7 in a spiral-like cave. In the cave, you will get the treasure in the area with flash bugs.

Treasure #5
In area 2, the first part of this treasure will be on a root, which will be in the area where there are usually Great Jagras.

The hint will take you to area 9. The treasure will be in the area with Paratoads on the uphill battle place on the edge of the higher cliffs.

Treasure #6
In area 8 is the first hint of this treasure. In the area where you usually find Yian Garuga. Now you will go to area 10 and the treasure will be in the tunnel between some bones.

Treasure #7
In the mushroom pile in area 11 is the first part of this treasure. Mark the location of mushrooms on your map and bugs will take you there. Near the first hint, you will see a beehive, mark the beehive and bugs will take you there so you can pick up the treasure

Treasure #8
In area 13, the first hint is in a pile of dung. For the second hint, you will use the bomb to blow the dam at area 16, at the place where monsters like Rathalos or Kushala go for a nap.

After blowing up the dam, check the area you just unlocked. The treasure will be in a cave behind a waterfall in area 11. You will find the cave on the map just under the number 11.

Treasure #9
From the top of area 16, take the slope and through halfway you will get the first hint. The second hint will be in the south of the place where you found treasure 8. You have to jump down the ledge you will find there.

From there you will go to the west of camp 1 and find the treasure there.

Treasure #10
For the first hint, mark the biggest vigorwasp on the map and let the bugs lead you there. The next hint will be at the mushrooms in the tunnel between areas 11 and 12. The final treasure for Ancient Forest will be on the top of a boulder in area 12.