Monster Hunter World Guide – How to Play Monster Hunter World, Training Room, Best Weapons, Base Camp, Bonus Damage

In this Monster Hunter World Guide, we will guide you on some quick tips and tricks of how you can play Monster Hunter World. Monster Hunter World is a huge open world game where your main objective is to fight and defeat gigantic monsters and in this Monster Hunter Beginner’s guide, we will give you all the tips and tricks that you need to know before you start playing it.

Fighting these gigantic beats is not easy and the game itself does very little to explain the basic elements of the game. We have curated this Monster Hunter World Guide for you so that you can easily learn the basic ropes of Monster Hunter World from best weapons, damage bonuses, Crafting and more.

There are different unique elements of the game that you must understand and master before you can start your monster hunting spree and this Monster Hunter World Guide will teach you everything so that you are quickly on your feet in Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter World Tips and Tricks – Monster Hunter World Guide

You can play Monster Hunter World solo and online with friends as well. There are different new and unique features that were not present in the game, which we will be covering here in the game. After reading our Monster Hunter World Guide, you will be ready for tackling even the fiercest of beasts roaming the world of Monster Hunter World. Our Monster Hunter World Guide details everything there is to know about how to play Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter World Training Room
Whether you are a returning player or a new player, we recommend that as soon as the game starts, you head straight to the training room and learn the moves of the weapons. Choose your weapons and head straight to the training as these combo moves will greatly help you in disposing off the monsters quickly. This will make you familiar with the controls of the game as well as make you learn some new moves that each weapon possesses.

Which Monster Hunter World Weapons to Select?
As you start Monster Hunter World be careful about your weapon of choice as this is your main tool to bring down the gigantic monsters. Just pick a weapon that is easy to use until you get to know the game mechanics. Start with either bow, axe, longsword or dual blades. Dual blades are the fastest weapons in the game so if you are finding the game combat too slow, using them will help.

Avoid using Lock-On Feature
The Lock-On feature in Monster Hunter World allows you to lock-on the monsters so that you do not have to worry about moving the camera repeatedly to follow the monster. BY locking-on, you can simply click the button and make the camera automatically follow the monster and you can focus on killing it.

However, this feature as handy as it sounds is not very helpful now. You will end up with some very weird camera angles and it will make it harder for you to hit the monster easily. We recommend that you avoid using this feature until it is fixed in the full game to make movement easier around the monster.

Switch to Click Radial Menu
Radial Menu allows you to quickly use items from your inventory. By default, this is set to simple rotate style by which you consume items by simply rotating to their icons. However, during battles, this can cause confusion, as you will end up consuming many things that you did not intend to consume at that specific time.

To counter this, as soon as you have some usable items in your inventory, head to the settings menu and change the Hover radial menu to a Click Radial menu. This way, you will consume items once you click on them rather than simply hovering on them.

Manage Items in your Inventory
Once you start your journey, you will start getting all sorts of items in your inventory. You will get so many items that soon you will not seem to know which ones are good and which ones are total junk.

It is vital that you keep the useful items and discard the useless items, as it will help a lot in using the useful items easily. Discarding the useless items will keep your inventory tidy.

How to Use Knives
Remember while using knives that you have to first equip the knives and then use the slinger mechanic to throw knives. Simply choosing knives will not fire them at the enemy. Make sure that you have them equipped with your inventory and then fire them at enemies using the slinger mechanic.

Use Fast Travel
Each quest in Monster Hunter World has a specific time of 20 minutes. With such a short time limit, we suggest that you shorten your traveling times as much as possible by using fast travel option to move around. Open up your map and choose a destination to fast travel there. This will greatly help in completing the quests easily in the given time.

Eat at Base Camps
In between quests, you must travel to different base camps and enter the tents to purchase supplies and eat different things. Eating at the base camps will give you different boosts that are sure to help you in your battles with the monsters.

Create different unique dishes by combining ingredients and then eating them to boost different stats resulting in increased combat effectiveness.

Get Bonus Damage
There is a way to deal extra and bonus damage to the monster right at the start of the battle. When you reach the monster, see if the monster is sleeping. If the monster is sleeping, sneak up to it and place a bomb barrel near its head or any other weak spot. Go back and bit and fire at the barrel bomb to explode it. This will deal great damage to the monster right at the start of the battle making it easier to take down the monster.

This concludes our Monster Hunter World Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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