How to Defeat Tetranadon in Monster Hunter Rise

 Tetranadon is an amphibian monster. This Monster Hunter Rise guide covers the complete boss fight and enlists all the abilities of Tetranadon that you must know in order to defeat it.

How to Defeat Tetranadon in Monster Hunter Rise

Tetranadon is an amphibian with a bloated belly, a turtle-like shell and fur. As it is an amphibian, Tetranadon is weak to Fire and Thunder type attacks. Using heavy striking weapons deal more damage to it.

Tetranadon Moves

Tetranadon has 2 styles. It will be its normal size and attack you relatively faster. It will lift its front paws and hit you. This can be a simple push if you are close, or it can charge at you, throwing you away.

Tetranadon can also split acid at the player from far away. Other than this, Tetranadon can also jump into the air and fall on the player. This attack can be easily dodged and leave Tetranadon open for attacks. The damage of these attacks depends on Tetranadon’s size.

Similar to the jump attack, Tetranadon can also roll over the player if you stick to his side. The damage of this attack also depends on Tetranadon’s size. This attack is highly telegraphed by Teranadon starting a slow leanfollowed by some tremors in the ground.

Tetranadon also has a grab attack. It lunges forward and grabs players with both hands. You can use the Wirefall Move to get out of the grab, but if not, Tetranadon will take a few bites out of you before setting you free. If you manage to get away, Tetranadon will chase you.

Tetranadon can grow in size by swallowing grovel.  Mostly after eating, it will roar and charge at you.

The only difference in this new larger form is that all of Tetranadon’s attacks now deal more damage and have a small stun period afterward. Upon taking enough damage, Tetranadon will fall over and split out some of the eaten contents. This will revert it to its normal size.

Battle Strategy

It’s best to maintain a medium distance from Tetranadon to stay out of his reach and near enough to use the opportunities you get to attack it. The only attack you need to watch out for is its jump attack and forward dash.

After most of its attacks, Tetranadon will stop and provide attack opportunities. The best point to attack is its face, especially the crocodile-like mouth. The least amount of damage is dealt to its back, where it has a shell to protect it.

When Tetranadon falls over, it’s best to attack its face from above as it is easy to hit its face when doing so.

If you use Wirefall move to escape from Tetranadon’s grab, you have used a drop attack for good damage as you know Tetranadon will follow you, so the chances of you landing the attack will also be high.

When in swelled form, knocking out Tetranadon is easier and also stuns him, providing lots of free hits. Make sure to not be too scared during this phase, as Tetranadon will hit like a truck.

We will update the guide when more information on the damage values is available.

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