Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Garangolm Weaknesses, Weapons, Armor and Drops

The Garangolm is a massive beast that makes its appearance in the three-star Master Rank quest named “Garangolm Gone Mad”...

The Garangolm is a massive beast that makes its appearance in the three-star Master Rank quest named “Garangolm Gone Mad” in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

To help you with defeating the Garangolm, we’ve prepared this guide where we’ll be walking you through every bit of information you need to know about this beast, including its stats, moveset, strengths and weaknesses and how you can defeat Garangolm in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Where Can I find Garangolm in MH Rise Sunbreak?

To find Garangolm in MH Rise Sunbreak, you need to first play through the game until you reach the 3-star Master Rank Hub Quests. Once you’ve unlocked these quests, the first one you’ll receive will be named Garangolm Gone Mad. In this quest, you will encounter Garangolm for the first time.

Garangolm Weaknesses

In the list below, we have shown how the different types of damage affect each of Garangolm’s body parts in MH Rise. This will help you understand what type of damage you should do to him and where you should aim your attacks.


  • Cut: 50
  • Blunt: 45
  • Ammo: 35
  • Fire: 8
  • Water: 0
  • Thunder: 10
  • Ice: 5
  • Dragon: 0


  • Cut: 35
  • Blunt: 35
  • Ammo: 15
  • Fire: 8
  • Water: 0
  • Thunder: 10
  • Ice: 5
  • Dragon: 0

Left Arm

  • Cut: 45
  • Blunt: 50
  • Ammo: 45
  • Fire: 8
  • Water: 0
  • Thunder: 10
  • Ice: 5
  • Dragon: 0

Right Arm

  • Cut: 45
  • Blunt: 50
  • Ammo: 45
  • Fire: 8
  • Water: 0
  • Thunder: 10
  • Ice: 5
  • Dragon: 0

Hind Leg

  • Cut: 25
  • Blunt: 25
  • Ammo: 20
  • Fire: 8
  • Water: 0
  • Thunder: 10
  • Ice: 5
  • Dragon: 0


  • Cut: 40
  • Blunt: 40
  • Ammo: 30
  • Fire: 8
  • Water: 0
  • Thunder: 10
  • Ice: 5
  • Dragon: 0

From these stats, it seems that Cut and Blunt weapons are the most effective against Garangolm, while Thunder is the best elemental attack to use against him.

Garangolm Ailment Effectiveness

The list below shows the effectiveness of different ailments on Garangolm in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. The higher the star rating of the ailment, the more damage it’ll do to Garagolm.

  • Poison – 1 star
  • Stun – 1 star
  • Paralysis – 1 star
  • Sleep – 1 star
  • Blast – 2 star
  • Exhaust – Immune
  • Fireblight – 2 star
  • Waterblight – 1 star
  • Thunderblight – 2 star
  • Iceblight – 1 star

How to Defeat Garangolm in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Use Thunder Element Weapons

Using a Thunder Element weapons is absolutely paramount in this fight. Thunder is Garangolm’s biggest weakness, so you need to bring a weapon that can deal Thunder elemental damage and inflict Thunderblight on Garangolm.

Garangolm’s head and arms take the most damage, so you should focus all of your attacks on these body parts.

It’s also a good idea to bring Blast weapons as you’ll need them in the final stages of the fight (more on that later).

Bring Water and Fire Resistant Armor

Garangolm’s attacks deal both Fireblight and Waterblight damage, so you’ll need to bring armor that has resistances to these two ailments, such as the Pukei-Pukei X armor set or the Orangaten armor set.

Garangolm’s Arms Are Its Main Weapons

Since Garangolm is a gorilla-like beast, most of its attacks come from its arms. This means that to be able to dodge its attacks, you need to keep an eye on its arms throughout the battle.

If you keep watching the arms, you’ll be able to quickly figure out its moveset which will allow you to get an understanding of how you should dodge its attacks.

Since Garangolm doesn’t really use its hind legs for attacking, a lot of its attacks can be dodged by simply going under Garangolm and running towards its back.

Break the Covering On Its Arms

The Garangolm will enter an enraged state once you deal enough damage to it, where it will cover its arms in fire and water. These elemental coverings will allow Garangolm to deal significantly greater damage, so you need to break the covering on his arms as soon as possible.

The best way to do so is to use a Blast weapon. Using a Blast weapon to attack its arms will quickly break off the covering, returning the Garangolm back to its normal state. If you don’t have a Blast weapon, you’ll still be able to break off the covering but it’ll take much more time.

Once you’ve broken off the covering, the Garangolm will get staggered and you’ll gain a window of opportunity to deal massive amounts of damage to it.

Garangolm Item Drops

Materials Target Rewards Capture Rewards Broken Part Rewards Carves Dropped Materials
Garangolm Cortex 19% 27% 15% 37% 50%
Garangolm Shard 34% 38% 25% 26%
Golm Thick Juice 21% 20% 14% 30%
Garangolm Hardfang 14% 60% 20% 35%
Golm Ploughtail 7% 9% 80%
Large Beast Gem 5% 5% 5% 3% 3%
Garangolm Fist 21% 80%
Beast Tear 10%
Large Beast Tear 40%

Garangolm Armor Set

The Garangolm Armor Set comes with the following skills:

Armor Piece Armor Skills
Golm Helm Charge Master Level 1, Maximum Might Level 1, Critical Eye Level 2
Golm Mail Flinch Free Level 3, Tremor Resistance Level 2
Golm Braces Charge Master Level 1, Focus Level 2
Golm Faulds Spiribird’s Call Level 1, Focus Level 1, Maximum Might Level 2
Golm Greaves Charge Master Level 1, Slugger Level 2, Stamina Thief Level 2

Garangolm Weapons

You can craft the following weapons using the items dropped by the Garangolm in MH Rise Sunbreak.

  • Golm Assaulter
  • Golm Axe
  • Golm Benedictus
  • Golm Blade
  • Golm Bone Bow
  • Golm Cannon
  • Golm Cutter
  • Golm Drum
  • Golm Gavel
  • Golm Glaive
  • Golm Golm
  • Golm Heart
  • Golm Sword
  • Golm Tower