Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Fey Wyvern Gem Locations And Farming Tips

One of the most well-known games where you must collect resources for survival and finish missions using the items you’ve gathered is monster hunter rise. Fey Wyvern Gem, one of the minerals discovered in MHR and introduced in the Sunbreak dlc, is crucial for creating new armor and weaponry.

How To Get Fey Wyvern Gems In Monster Hunter Rise

The first way to farm Fey Wyvern Gems is by killing various monsters in the game. You will be rewarded with Fey Wyvern Gems for either hunting or capturing a monster, investigating a monster, or using the Plunderblade tool on a monster.

There are six different monsters that you can farm for Fey Wyvern Gems. However, none of them actually guarantee Fey Wyvern Gems. They all only have a chance of dropping the required gem.

Pukei-Pukei, Coral Pukei-Pukei, and Kulu-Ya-Ku have a 5% chance of dropping Fey Wyvern Gems when you carve their bodies. The drop chance goes to 3% if you are looking to hunt them for a reward while being the same 5% for capturing them. Gold Investigations for each of them will net you a 17% chance of looting Fey Wyvern Gems.

Yian Garuga and Scarred Yian Garuga also have a 5% chance of dropping Fey Wyvern Gems when you carve their bodies. However, you can also carve their tails for another 5% drop chance. They also have a tad higher 18% chance to net Fey Wyvern Gems as a Gold Investigation reward.

The second way to farm Fey Wyvern Gems in Monster Hunter Rise is by completing five particular quests. Unfortunately, these also have a chance to drop the gems. That being said, one of them has a 100% drop chance in addition to dropping another gem depending on your luck.

  • Yodeling in the Forest
  • Symphony of the Coral
  • Don’t Forget the Earplugs
  • Put That Red Cup Away
  • Colorful Carnival

The Colorful Carnival quest will always reward you with a Fey Wyvern Gem. It also has a 1% chance of dropping an additional Fey Wyvern Gem, making it the best quest to farm Fey Wyvern Gems provided that you do not tire of repeating the same quest over and over again.

What Is Fey Wyvern Gem Used For?

No matter how far along you are in the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion, you still need to utilize the Fey Wyvern Gem. In MH Rise, it is utilized to create a variety of Master Rank weaponry.

This gem may be used to build weapons. You can craft 1x Evasion Jewel+4 adornment with a Fey Wyvern Gem. With the aid of this gem, you may upgrade your weapons like 1x Dawnmoon Daggers+.

1x Head ImageBaggi Helm X, 1x Head ImagePukei-Pukei Helm X, 1x Torso ImageWroggi Mail X, and 1x Arms ImageKulu-Ya-Ku Braces X are the armors than can be crafted from Fey Wyvern Gem.

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