Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Sinister Gloomcloth Location and Farming Tips

This quick guide will help you understand the uses and locations where you can find the Sinister Gloomcloth in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Sinister Gloomcloth makes its debut as a Master Rank Material in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. It is a piece of clothing allegedly used by a messenger in an ancient underworld to absorb life.

The environment can be pillaged, and quests and other objectives must be completed. Some Monsters must be carved to gain these things as well. Following a successful hunt, materials are typically taken from a monster and largely used for crafting and enhancing a hunter’s gear.

There are additional ways to obtain things, one of which is to take advantage of the Meowcenaries while undertaking quests and engaging in combat are necessary for farming vital items. Additionally, players will require at least five pieces of Sinister Gloomcloth to make the whole Master Rank Death Stench X set.

Sinister Gloomcloth Location

If a dazzling Bones icon is on the way, players need to send Meowcenaries to Master Rank Sandy Plains to locate Sinister Gloomcloth. Speak with Nagi, the Buddy Agent, to summon the Meowcenaries.

In Elgado, he stands adjacent to the Buddy Board and is to the left of the Courier. Decide on Meowcenaries before setting the pets’ final location. After players finish a few quests, they will depart in search of supplies and materials and return. The Master Rank places can be found by looking at the destination list.

Look for trails leading to sparkling bones on the Sandy Plains map. These are the locations of the Sinister Gloomcloth. Check the Meowcenaries after a mission to see what has changed if nothing is sparkling. Additionally, players should choose the Buddies with the highest levels when deciding which one to send on the adventure because the better the payout, the higher the level.

Master Rank locations can be located via the destination list. If the pals look carefully and notice that some roads are sparkling, they will find the Sinister Gloomcloth and other unusual items. Additionally, when picking which Buddy to send on an adventure, players should pick the one with the highest level because the greater the level, the better the payoff.

Sinister Gloomcloth Uses

Stench X Armor Set

Players should be much closer to making the Death Stench X Master Rank set once they acquire enough Sinister Gloomcloth in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. The defensive layer set is a good choice , even though its terrifying quality makes it somewhat alluring.

Its dynamic skills are quite beneficial, assisting players in maintaining the edge on their weapons, boosting assault power, and doing various other helpful things. Here is a list of all dynamic skills:

Defensive Polish Lvl 3

Speed Sharpening Lvl 3

Assault Boost Lvl 4

Brace Lvl 1

Fast Morph Lvl 3

Greatest Might Lvl 3

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