Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Rachnoid Mesmersilk Location and Farming Tips

A quick guide to help you figure out where to find Rachnoid Mesmersilk in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak and its uses.

A brand-new Master Rank Material called Rachnoid Mesmersilk makes its debut in the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Expansion. The strongest thread can be created using a Rachnoid, which can lift weights many times its weight.

Special Items like Rachnoid Mesmersilk can be made using materials found in the environment, by completing quests and other goals, or by carving particular Monsters.

Following a successful hunt, materials are typically taken from a monster and largely used for crafting and enhancing a hunter’s gear. The ability of rachnoid infants to spit webs that are just as powerful as their mother’s, which they utilize to attach prey or quickly move around at her command, is an important characteristic.

Rachnoid Mesmersilk Location

There are various ways to get Rachnoid Mesmersilk in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. The primary source is quests that give rewards. Besides these rewards, monsters can also obtain them.

It can also be found in Sandy plains or Lava Cancerns. In the Lava Caverns, rachnoids are easier to cultivate on expeditions with rachnoid outbreaks. When chasing Rachnoids, watch for large monsters because they will retreat if they see one nearby.

Rachnoid Materials

Rachnoid materials are of both high rank and low rank. In low rank, there is Rachnoid Silk, whose high tensile strength makes it stronger than it looks. Then there is a Shining Black Claw which is shaped to grip objects. And lastly, there is Monster Fluid, that liquid bugs suck from monsters.

Mixes with insect fluids to form an adhesive. High-rank materials, such as Rachnoid Silk+, are also available, superior silk that is more flexible and nearly as strong as rope. Then there is the Piercing Claw, used as a knife in some workshops but is hazardous to handle with bare hands. The broth prepared from the thickest monster liquids is called “Monster Broth” last.

Rachnoid Mesmersilk Uses

  • Rachnoids are ferocious little monsters that attack their enemies with their claws and flame blasts from their mouths. They have the same sticky web-shooting abilities as Rakna.
  • They are utilized in creating weapons, armors like the Aulecanth Thorax X, and armor sets like the Aelucanth * Set, which are effective against dragons and thunder. Additionally, they are utilized in both Palamute armor and weapons.
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