Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Nohsic Snuff Cap Location Guide

Nohsic Snuff Cap is a rare item that came with the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak DLC. Nohsic Snuff cap is a mushroom that can help you forge and craft other items in Monster Hunter Rise. This guide will give you the exact location of this rare item with its uses as well.

How to Get Nohsic Snuff Cap in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Finding Nohsic Snuff Cap in MHR Sunbreak is very easy. Meowcenaries can help you in getting The Nohsic Snuffcap. Meowcenaries can be sent to gather Nohsic Snuffcap from sparkling mushroom nodes in the Jungle.

Use Lagniapple for the best chances of obtaining a Nohsic snuff cap in Monster Hunter Rise, and assign your most leveled-up allies.

Nohsic Snuff Cap Location

These caps are found in the Jungle in sparkling mushroom nodes by Master Rank Meowcenaries.

Nohsic Snuff Cap Uses

You can forge materials in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreaku using the Nohsic snuff cap. And, you can craft various materials, including armor and body equipment, using Nohsic Snuff Cap in Monster Hunter Rise. You can use the Sunbreak Nohsic Snuff Cap to craft the following items:

  • Five Element Arms
  • Five Element Garb
  • Five Element Obi
  • Five Element Legwear
  • Five Element Mask

Apart from the above uses, Nohsic Snuff Cap can also help you craft the Five Element Armor Set. All you need to do for this is go to the Meowcenaries and gather the Nohsic Snuff Cap they collected. After this, you’ll successfully unlock the Five Element Armor Set in Monster Hunter Rise.

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