How to Defeat Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise

Magnamalo is an intimidating beast in Monster Hunter Rise and in this guide, we will tell you how to defeat Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise by outlining the attack patterns of this hulking monster.

How to Defeat Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise

Magnamalo is a Fanged Wyvern who is large in size. It is a huge warrior whose primary color is purple. This beast is known for purple flames from his mouth, back, tail which is called Hellfire.

Magnamalo in MH Rise is pretty quick and can jump a large distance. It uses his tails for making different attacks as well.

This monster is very dangerous and attacks quickly. Most of its attacks are followed by another attack. This makes it very difficult to avoid the second attack.

Hellfireblight Ailment

This is the main attribute of the Magnamalo. The Hellfire can be seen in different types of his while fighting. This purple color changes to pink near the end of the battle. Now let’s talk about how you can defeat that monster.

Magnamalo Battle Strategy

When the Magnamalo attacks you with Hellfire, it will shake and falls on the ground for a moment, and you have to take full advantage of that time for dealing maximum damage along with your pets. If you don’t do much damage, the Hellfire will turn pink, which will be very dangerous.

We recommend that you get into the battle with Magnamalo by riding into it on your Palamute. You, together with the Palamute and palico, can deal more damage to the Magnamalo.

While fighting with the Magnamalo, when the Hellfire covers the Magnamalo body, attack the parts which are covered in Hellfire to cause maximum damage.

As we have mentioned earlier, don’t give him much chance when he falls on the ground; otherwise, the Hellfire will turn pink and cause much damage. You have to just attack him steadily along with your pets.

When he uses Hellfire, attack him more and more and don’t stand in front of him so he can’t attack you continuously. Always look for the chance to land some slashes and when you see the chance use the wire bug to get lifted vertically and move away quickly.

Don’t touch the purple ball because this will inflict Blight damage on you. You can avoid this by using the wire bug dash.

Continue to use the wire bug dash to shake off the blights to get more chances for damaging the Magnamalo more often.

You have to defeat that monster within 15 minutes and then return to the village. If you follow the steps given above, you will definitely beat him within time and your objective will be completed.

Once you defeat Magnamalo, you can collect different items dropped by it and take some of its body parts as well, like the Magnamalo Shell and Magna Ghostprism. After that, you have 60 seconds of time to return to the village.

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