Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Grooved Bones Location and Farming Tips

Grooved Bones have been introduced as a unique item in Hunter Rise Rise Sunbreak. These bones are ancient items with numerous benefits. This guide provides information about the locations and uses of grooved bones in the game.

Grooved Bones Locations

Different unique items can be looted as part of the Sunbreak expansion and Grooved Bones is one such item.

In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, the grooved bones can be obtained by sending meowcenaries to sparkling Bonepiles in the Citadel.  This site becomes available by reaching Master Rank 4. The chances of getting this rare item increase by using a Lagniapple or sending the highest-ranked buddies to the site.

Grooved Bones Uses

Capcom has introduced some of the slickest and best-looking armor sets with the Sunbreak Expansion and these armor sets require you to gather the newly-introduced unique materials by sending your Meowcenaries to different regions.

Grooved bones are used as forging material in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak to craft armor and buddy equipment. The Snowshear Armor Set can also be crafted using Grooved Bones. This is a Master Ranks 4 armor set having the following set items:

  • Snowshear Braces
  • Snowshear Greaves
  • Snowshear Headgear
  • Snowshear Coil
  • Snowshear Mail

Grooved Bones have a decent selling value as well so can be sold to get money.

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