Monster Hunter Rise Eroded Elder Skeleton Location And Farming Tips

The Eroded Elder Skeleton is a new Master Rank Material/Item that just came out with the Monster Hunter Rise’s new Sunbreak DLC.

You’ll find this item to be quite scarce but also quite useful. It can be used to upgrade and make new equipment, including decorations, weapons, and armor sets, like the Fued Hornsword or the Skull X set. It’s got a Rarity of 8, a Selling price of 670 Coins, and a Carry capacity of 99 items.

Unlike most other materials though, you cannot obtain Eroded Elder Skeletons simply by harvesting them off of monsters after a hunt. You need to grind a lot for this item, often by completing certain Quests that offer them as a reward or looking for them in Bonepiles, which can mostly be found in the Sandy Plains.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at all the different ways through which you can obtain and farm Eroded Elder Skeleton in MHR: Sunbreak.

How To Get Eroded Elder Skeleton In MH Rise: Sunbreak

The best way to farm for Eroded Elder Skeletons in MHR Sunbreak is to look for them in the Bonepiles which can be found around different parts of the Sandy Plains expedition.

Do keep in mind that you should start an expedition in the Sandy Plains with the Master Rank difficulty enabled to obtain them.

To make it easier for yourself, head over to your map and filter it to show the Bonepiles on the map. There are a further two levels to the map, the Upper and the Lower level.

You’ll find most of the Bonepiles on the Upper level, about 5 of them. The best way to farm for them is to start from the Southern part of the Upper level from the map, then continue to make your way to the Northern side while sticking to the eastern edge of the map. This way, you can collect all of the Bonepiles on the way that the Upper level has to offer.

On the upper levels, the Bonepiles are located around Areas 1, 5, 8, and 12. All in all, you have to start from Area 1 and make your way to Area 12, by first crossing through areas 5 and 8 while collecting the Bonepiles in each Area.

Once you reach the northernmost point of the map and collect the last Bonepile, make your way down to the Lower level from there.

You can find 4 more Bonepiles in the Lower level, the first one will be located nearby, after collecting that you can make your way down to the center part of the Lower level and collect the rest of them. In the lower level, you’ll find the first Bonepile in Area 12, then you need to head down to Area 9 and 5 respectively, all while collecting the Bonepiles in between.

Always use the map to navigate around the Bonepiles and select the most efficient route to collect the Bonepiles that this map has to offer.

To make this journey even more efficient, you can set up Buddy Recon Points on the map at any location you want to fast travel quickly.

MHR: Sunbreak Eroded Elder Skeleton Uses

Eroded Elder Skeletons can be used to craft some of the most awesome Armor Sets and Weapons, you can also through a little bit of them into decorations to get yourself a few sweet pieces of them.

Here is a list of the items that you can use Eroded Elder Skeletons to craft:

Armor Weapons Decorations
Skull Visage X Feud Hornsword Hard Geology Jewel
Scholarly Sash Snow Clad II Dragon Jewel
Scholarly Suit Jawblade I
Volvidon Vambraces X Hyper Bone Gun
Aelucanth Brachia X Alacatranze I
Arc Mail Ploshasta I
Aelucanth Vertex X Diadalos Axe
Alzuros Naginata II
Bone Shooter II
Bone Reaper

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