How to Defeat Basarios in Monster Hunter Rise

 Basarios is a moss-covered wyvern with a hard shell. This guide covers the complete boss fight and enlists all the abilities of Basarios so that you know how to defeat it in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to Defeat Basarios in Monster Hunter Rise

Basarios is a rocky, moss-covered wyvern. It has a hard stone-like shell for its protection. Basarios is weak to dragon weapons and water element.

Basarios’ Moves

Basarios will rush towards the player like most of the monsters. However, his rush is slower, and he prepares it before attempting to do so.

Basarios does slide after his rush attack, so it’s best to dodge left or right otherwise, you will be caught in the hitbox. This rush attack can be followed by Basarios rolling around. This one is harder to avoid since Basarios’ huge body just rolls around, making it hard to dodge.

Basarios will swing his tail in case the players decide to attack from behind. Most of the time, Basarios will move back a little bit before attempting to do so, making it less obvious.

Being a dragon, Basarios have different ranged attacks up his sleeve, dealing fire damage. The first of these is where Basarios throw fireballs at the players. These are easy to avoid, but they inflict Burn and will keep on damaging the player until they heal.

Basarios can use Heat-Ray, similar to Gravios. Before doing so, Basarios will accumulate fire and bend his body a little. Even though easy to spot, the attack is devastating and should be avoided.

The final attack in Basarios’ arsenal is his gas attacks. Basarios spews gas around while standing on his feet. This gas can either afflict fire, sleep or poison ailments.

Basario lowers his body when getting ready to do so.  Try to escape the gas. If sleep is inflicted, you will be left open and defenseless to his attacks. The other ailments can also be very bad if you are low on supplies.

Battle Strategy

Basarios is a huge monster dragon. Since it is weak to water and dragon weapons, these are the best choices for going against Basarios will hide underground with only his back exposed, camouflaging as simple boulders.

Bararios’ tail, chest and back can be broken. These allow you to not only damage it but make it hard for Basarios to make his tail sweep attack, or harder to hide if he runs away, and even lower his defenses.

Breaking Basarios’s chest/stomach will drastically lower Basarios defense. Since other body parts are harder to hit, damaging the stomach will be the best option to weaken Basarios. Other them this, the tail and claws are the best weak points to aim for.

It has high damage but is slow, and the player can avoid it if they do not become greedy with their hits. The most common attack Basarios uses is his rush attack. The best way to punish it is by dodging to the side so you don’t get hit, then attacking Basarios’ tail.

If Basarios manages to run away and hide, it’s best to start the fight with bombs. Since Basarios will be in the ground with only its back out, you can easily place several bombs and blow them off.

Since bombs deal damage regardless of hardness, they will give a great start to the fight. Also, Basarios take 1.1x damage when underground. Not much, but it’s good to use.

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